Gibson Les Paul?

I have around 700 dollars, possibly more depending on how long i save up for a guitar. i don't know too much about guitars, and i know les pauls are good, and the lead guitarist of my favorite band plays one. with different versions (studio, standard, etc.) which style would you recommend for someone who wants to play rock/jazz/alt. rock type of music? if not les pauls, then what?

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    If you set on getting the Les Paul go for the Studio. I have one and its a great guitar. The studio is the Standard with the bells and whistles. No binding, solid colours, etc. But the same guitar. For rock and Alt. the les paul will be fine. But for Jazz you would be better off with a Fly V. I have one as well and its beautiful for jazz and Blues, the mellow tones from it are great. As well you can play nice low end rythm rock and metal. Not the greatest Lead guitar if you don't switch out the pickups for a hot set. One thing you have to remember about the LP is that it is a heavy guitar compaired to most.

    If your looking for a versital guitar see if you can find a Godin and try it out. For a little more money then you have you can get a model that has three pick up types. A standard rock set, an acoustic bridge pick up w/ EQ controls and an LR Braggs Hex 13-pin Midi controller pick up. This guitar cost about $1300 CDN or $1100 US. Its light, well built and its 3 things in one guitar. You could also get the guitar without the synth access and it will be less money, but the synth access allows you to control your sound library on your computer just like a midi controller.

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    I'm assuming you live in the US based on some of your previous questions, but i think you might need to save up a little more if you wanna get a Gibson Les Paul. :)

    I personally love Les Pauls to death and i have a Gibson Les Paul Classic (1960s reissue) in Cherry Sunburst. However, a few grouses include - no whammy bar to play with, only 22 frets (so if you're playing rock music especially the more technical shredding stuff, i doubt it'll satisfy you). But then again, i love its warm tone and this axe is excellent for heavy riffing.

    Have you tried an Ibanez before? I have 2 Ibanez guitars as well. Good for rock music especially, plays well because of their slim necks. On top of that, Ibanez guitars are not pricey too! Try their RG models, S series or if you like Steve Vai and can afford a more pricey guitar, go for the Jems.

    Good luck and happy playing! :)

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