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How to become a mature person?

I feel akward when people treat me as an immature person.

M 21 years old. Talanted Guy.

I don't speak much by my nature. Coz i don't like to talk unnecessarily.

I remain silent much of d time.

I don't hav good friends. All r jealous of me. I don't speak against them coz i don't want to hurt anyone's heart.

I wish that i shud hav a Gf bt not able to do so, coz people think as if m of childish nature.

Due to d behavior of people towards me, i turn Shy and depressed.

I don't know what to do!

How 2 b a mature person? How can i improve my self? What all things i shud remember?

If anyone has understood my problem, can giv me ur solutions to this problem.

I vl be very thankful to u!....

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    cant believe u have the same prob as mine..i dont have good friends,i have nothing to say in most of conversation and i hate to socialize due to my weakness in talking to people.most of my friends in my college dont treat me well due to my imcapable in talking..but at least u re lucky to be a brilliant person.people still look up on u.but its hard when it comes to conversation innit.i think its becuz u re too focusing in ur job innit n now u re turning to be a not so good conversationalist..same as me....i know im too focused in my studies since i was a kid,so i didnt talk much n now loook at me,a trying to change myself.yeah thats what i want u to do.change urself.i know it s really hard cuz ive tried before but it didnt work now that im teenager.but is it all about maturity thing?emm,im not sure.yea, i do think im not matured too compared to others who r the same age as me.cuz i dont talk too much.why people dontlike quite person?i have no idea.u know iwish to be somebody else.although i have good look,but it s not important.the more u can talk better,the more people want to befriend u.thats what i all i can say is try to talk too.i have to change myself too.its hard innit when u dont like to tlak but u have to force urself..but thats reality

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    Are u behaving the same way at home also?I don't think so.Believe in ur talent.Work towards a career in research.There are many people like u.Try gain friends,even they have some expectations from u.The more u help others,the more u spend time for others,they start liking u and u need not talk less.Remember, there are many people disliked after some time due to their behavior and actions.Afterall u are not like that!

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    Dude, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. I'm 26, and am just now coming out of my shell. I always hated when anyone started being serious about things. It just sort of came to me over time. Since I pretty much HAD to deal with the world or be homeless. After I started opening up, I find myself saying "Hi" to complete strangers now. A thing I previously never imagined doing. Do you tend to avoid people you don't know at almost any cost? Do you find yourself easily entertained all alone? I know how it is. You either have to force yourself out, or life will force it out of you.

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    sure, they are all in us. are you able to think of a sort of kindergarten pupils showing extra adulthood and understand than a sort of retired persons? sure I even have, and that i say they downgraded. even though makes them sense youthful, persons. adulthood and immaturity are outer behaviours. i've got self assurance what makes hem take place could be the interior tension. all of us have the two, and we can decide for to stick to whichever. undergo in recommendations the maxim that a baby is the wisest? they are smart because of the fact they by no potential lie. and that they understand that reality is healing. i've got self assurance it rather is each and every of the life cycle ranges. an exceptionally youthful baby is sensible.. even a baby, seem at it. Then the youngster grows up and learns to lie, it is going to become immature. Then it matures by discipline. and that they attain puberty and comprehend enjoying the sphere is cool, and with their hangups, they are immature. and then they marry and study adulthood and duty in the direction of their considerable different and offspring. whilst they cheat or do not convey homestead the dough, they are classed immature. and then they advance up and sparkling u and attempt to be CEO, adulthood. whilst they become retirees they are able to discover the money for to goof off and become immature back. Gossip and backstabbing. yet then they see their grandchildren and that they are reminded to be mature, functionality fashions. And earlier they bypass on, they are the two smart and mature, with non violent countenance, or offended and immature, blaming the international for his or her quandary. Heard of the kindly previous lady, and the cantankerous one? they chosen their mature/immature behaviour.

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    First of all, the hell with what people think. I'm not advising picking you nose in public, mind you. But you'll rarely regret speaking your mind or trying something new as much as not doing either.

    Second, pick something, almost anything, and excel at it. Be the best darn (insert activity or interest here) EVER. And Make it something challenging,not impossible

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    You need to come out of your shell and socialize. Think of it like this. If you were a girl looking for a guy, would you find you attractive? What do you think your best quality is, bring that out and share it with the world.

    Time and understanding will bring you maturity. Look at the bigger picture of things. Think about how other people feel.

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    lisen im 16 and im a mail i to know what ur going throu i tryed and tryed but it never worked whatever i did but one day i told my sailf that just cals im diferin dosent mean that i have to chang to fit in with pepol in the pasedt years of midel school i had problems fiting in and then i told my sailf i dont need this if u dont like me the way i am then leav u dont have to stay by me ur scard and its ok im 16 ow and i have the beast friends any one could ask 4 and to give u an ancwer just folow ur heart and it will nevr guied u roung

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    Stop being so arrogant. Stop being selfish and self-centered. Why would you think they are jealous of you? Maybe it's you are jealous of them. Mature people live on an equal basis. They don't play jokes or horse around. Don't brag on yourself or talk about what you have. Ask them questions about them and be genially concerned. Let things be about them and not you. Simple questions can start conversation.

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    why are they jealous of you? i cant imagine what you are doing to upset people, now to me its childish to use the kind of language you are, coz is not a word, its because. dont use numbers and letters to stand for words, use proper language writing , typing, talking. you might find out if there is anyone near you who teaches manners and how to communicate.

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    The first step is to get over the idea that people are jealous of you and that's why you don't have friends. Then go from there.

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