Cb and antenna questions?

Does anybody know if the Midland 1001Z is a good model and if anybody know if the truckspec antenna off of ebay is a good antenna it's only 14" high though but it will work for me for now. also any good sites on installing cb is cars and tips and tricks thanks a bunch for actually looking at the question

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    Midland 1001Z is a great model..mine hasn't given me any problems. The truckspec antenna, however, i've heard good things about but don't own one. Sorry.

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    I used to sell cbs, but i dont know much about installation...however, midland brands are not very good, i recommend either cobra, galaxy, or texas ranger. midland are fairly cheap brands. a 14" antenna is ok for on a car, you should get decent reception....look up the cobra brand website for installation info, you may get help there

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