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American History 101???....?

Answer the next 5 questions. First to get all 5 right, get's voted BEST ANSWER.

1. Name the 9th president of America

2. Name the only 3 presidents of the USA to be impeached?

3. The date we first landed on the moon?

4. Name the date and place, George W. Bush was born?

5. What year did Columbus find that the world was round?


you are right, when Columbus found the "New World"...ya know

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    1. William Howard Taft

    2. Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton (gave u 3)

    3. July 20, 1969 (supposedly)

    4.New Haven, Connecticut

    5. 1492 (I guessed) and couldn't find the real answer

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    1. the 9th president was Willian Henry Harrison

    2. there were only 2 Nixon resigned before he could be impeached

    3. September 29th 1969 Appollo 11

    4he was an abortion that happened on July 6th 1946 in New Haven Conn.

    5. Columbus did not find the world was round But it was 1492

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    ok iam accepting to ur openion

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