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This question was removed by the original author but I decided to post it myself.?

I turned my little sister into CPS, was I wrong?

I turned my little sister in to CPS because her daughter had an ear infection for 3 months

which made the baby develop croop cough. Anyways her bf is a weirdo who thinks that

the government is trying to poison citizens with anti-biotics and immunizations.My little

sis is very successful and smart and should have known better than to let her boyfriend

tell her not to take the baby but she listened to him. She lives 4 hours away from me so

it's not like I could have gone to her house and made her bf let her take the baby. My

mom called me after she found out what had happened and that my sis boyfriend didnt

want her to get the meds and my mom told me that if I didnt call CPS she would and she

would also turn in the boyfriend for smoking pot and turn him into homeland security.

She hasn't talked to me in 6 months and I miss her so much. Insert advice below. How

can I mend our relationship?

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    I am that original question asker. I've been beating myself up so much about my decision. I LOST MY SISTER. I told her that I had done it the next day. All of that is true and there were previous incidents. WORSE ONES. I didn't do anything about them. I should have gotten in my car and driven to where she was. HINDSIGHT IS 20/20. I wish I could turn back time. What's so absurd is that my little sister is a wonderful mother otherwise. Did I mention that her boyfriend didn't want the baby to be immunized? FOR ANYTHING. Thanks so much for all who answered honestly and compassionately. Thanks also stepchild for reposting and answering it made me feel a lot better than I did when I deleted it.

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    Just be patient because she will know that you truly love her and want the best for her one of these days. It soulnds like he is controlling her thoughts and actions and is emotionally abusing her. The child is neglected if she is sick taht long andyou were correct to turn them in. If he is here illegally he needs to be turned in for her safelty and the child's as well as America's. If he smokes pot turn him in also because the child doesn't need that kind of people around her. If her mom isn't smart enough to see what this guy is doing it is up to the family to make sure the sister and child are safe. She may be mad but she will see that you were doing right after a while when she gets her self-esteem back from allowing this controlling man run over her.Best wishes and know that you will be ok. If for some reason she never gets away from him and he makes her stay mad at you, you will have done your best and that is all you can be expected to do. Don't get involved physically. Let the law do your fighting!That way she will know it is because he was breaking the law and not just your differences in who is an appropriate mate for her.

  • This was my answer when I originally came across the question but was unable to submit my answer as the question had been removed.

    Not if your actions served to improve the health of a helpless, innocent child who

    deserves more than the careless neglect of a paranoid, dope-smoking loser.

    I myself am a supporter of the legalization of marijuana but would never advocate the

    use of it around little children, especially if, at this point it isn't legal. This alone put the

    child's safety and wellbeing at risk and even without your call to Child Protective

    Services would have put the mother's rights in jeapardy.

    It shouldn't have been necessary to convince your sister to take the child to a doctor

    against her boyfriend's wishes- this should have been the logical decision of a mother

    who can see for her damned self that her baby is sick. If her neglect is the extent of her

    nurturing ability then she has no business having a child in the first place as far as I'm


    Granted, I also believe that antibiotics are as overprescribed as Ritalin but if the child

    has had an infection for 3 months it's about time to get some. Overprescribed does not

    mean unneccessary.

    I am also usually an advocate for minding one's own business and not telling people

    how to raise their children but if someone is too ignorant and stupid to realise or

    understand that their child's health is in danger I fail to comprehend how anyone could

    knowingly and willingly allow it to continue. That your sister did just that is a clear

    demonstration of her priorities and the health of her child obviously is not an important


    I would have to agree otherwise that your decision to contact CPS, thereby placing her

    parental rights and custody of her child in jeapardy would be inexcusable, abhorrent and

    unforgivable. In this case however, assuming that every word of it is true, you were

    absolutely justified. Despite opinions to the contrary, you should not have contacted your

    sister prior to the call to CPS for this reason alone: You shouldn't have had to.

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    You did the right thing! That baby suffered all that time. Can you imagine how much that must have hurt. Babies can't fend for themselves, and you would have felt terrible if something had happened to her. Give your sister some time. When she loses that boyfriend i'm sure she'll understand what you did. If she's the kind of person who chooses her boyfriend over her baby why would you want to talk to her anyways.

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    The welfare of a child is always important than the bickering of the adult. If this is your reason for turning her in, then know in your heart that you did her a favor. If she's gonna be mad at you forever, let it be, but that does not means you should love her any less. Love puts us in hard situations, and it's our duty as adults and parent to make sure a child is well cared for. If she hates, so be it. her daughter will thank you later.

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    remember she chose her boyfriend over her own child she needs to grow up and realize her baby was mre important than that boyfriend and that you were more concerened for her own child more than she was i think you should write her an email or a letter with out your name on the envelope it self and dont sighn it until the bottom and sighn small type the letter snd envelope to avoid her knowing whos hand writing it was and then explain to her why you did what you did and how much you love her and her baby then proceed to explain how selfish she was to pick her botfriend over her childs life and well being tell her exactly how she appears as a person for being so uncareing to her child and selfish she is and tell her how you would rather have died then to think of the suffering of your own flesh and blood tell how you miss her and the child and tell her of how irraspocible her boyfriend is and how blind she must be let her know that she needs her true family and her boyfriend needs medical mental help and she probably needs counsaling to but stress about how you love her child and cant believe that any mother would ever pick a man over there childs life and how sick that is in its self and then ask her to grow up aND Talk to you to face you the one who cared enough about her seed to makeher care so much that she abandoned you her family tell her to quit being selfish and have heart mending your relationship will be tough but a letter is the irst step but please dont give in to her abuse because she gives into her boyfriends dont stand for it dont allow her to be like him expecialy when achild is envolved

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    It is a child that is at risk.....I don't think you were wrong at all. Further more that man should be fed to the dogs and then give him no tretment

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