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Does anyone buy AVON or MARK online?

I am looking to expand my AVON business and I was wondering how many people bought AVON or MARK products online and what appeals to them to create a better website. I have tried offering specials and such but no bites. Anyone have any ideas? Any type of specials that would interest consumers? I am currently offering 10% off the first order.

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    I am an e-representative and have been for about 6 months now. I have only received ONE online order... so, no... it's not worth the $15 a month they charge you for the service. Unfortunatly for me I put my avon web page address on my self-inking stamp that I use to stamp the back of my brochures, so I keep my e-rep status up "just in case". :-)

    By the way, 10% isn't good enough to draw in business... Here is what I do for my customers:

    25% off their first order (basically, you won't be making anything off their 1st order except future business)

    $5 off if they refer someone to me

    For every $5 spent during a particular campaign, I do a drawing for a give-away (usually stuff I get out of the What's New, or the outlet books)

    This has helped me out greatly. I hope you do well!

    p.s. Order an extra 10 brochures and type up a letter and mail out a brochure to doctor's offices, banks, etc. Be sure to put some samples in the envelope! Be sure to also include your special discount offers. You'd be surprised at all the people who do not currently have an Avon lady, or they may not like the Avon lady they are using now. I have gotton TONS of new business this way.

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    I agree with other posters. Give your customers' first online order a discount.

    Here's what I do...I'm long past the discount part and it seems to be working.

    First, I put all specials on my webpage. That includes not listed in the books and special stockups in the demo books. I tell me customers that they can only get the specials if they order online. Then, I email everyone an ecard saying that orders are due in xx days. I make sure that I always include my web address. I've got 4 or 5 steady customers that order through my website. I think that's pretty good considering some of what I've read on the erep boards.

    On everything that I send out Avon related, I always include my web address.

    It's been working out pretty good.

    Good Luck.

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    Problem is most AVON products are relatively inexpensive and as such, 10% off of a small number is too small and will be inconsequential to the consumer.

    Discounts works best when you give a larger percentage off of a smaller price. Or instead try giving a flat amount off of a larger amount spent. Example: $2 off of every $20 spent. Its still is 10% but most people will not take the time to convert it to a percent and you will find that you may get away with it.

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    I absolutely LOVE Mark products. I have a lot of the eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners. I usually buy some every single month!

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    No I don't, I doubt very much you will get many bites on 10% If you try 15 or 20% welll that may help. But it won't help your profit margin.

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    I dont...

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