Can Police search a car that is not yours and find drugs in car but not in plain view Can they arrest you ?

can they seize anything like cash on you? or give them a warrant to your house?

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    Yes if you are in control of the car. Also yes if you are just a passenger if the item in question is with in reach of you. You could also be an accessory before, during or after the fact.

    You have not heard of guilty by association.

    Yes they can seize your cash. Many states have been forfeiture act that says any money or property including the drugs can be seized because it is believed that the property or money is drug money.

    Yes they would be able to get a warrant for your home.

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    If you are driving said car that is not yours, and they have probable cause, then yes they can arrest you. You are in control of the car and that means everything IN the car. They can seize cash, the car, and get a warrant and search your house, and the house of the other person, if they feel that the two fo you are working together to hide some thing. If you are acting a little too salty or way, way too co-operative they may feel that they have probable cause and they will ask your permission first, and if you say no then they will try to get a warrant, but if you meet certain requirements for a suspect they are on the lookout for, then they will assume you are that person until they have reason to know you are not, and that is probable cause.

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    You have two options when the police ask to search the car you are driving...stand back and let them do so because they pulled you over and had you step out for a reason...or you can sit in the back of the cop car until they get a warrant. Usually when you deny them access is when they think its more suspicious...and will give them reason to possibily tear apart the car. You are in possession of the car, therefore in possession of the drugs. If they arrest you, they're gonna take everything that might be related to the drugs (or think might be related to the drugs) so if its a lot of money, then they'll definately enter it into evidence. All these things are suspicious, so they may want to search your house. Now if the owner of the car is in the car but not of sound mind (not sober or buzzin on something) then you might get off the hook and the owner will get in trouble. It all depends on your own mannerisms and how strict the cops want to be, they have the right to detain you, then let the evidence lead the way to the guilty party.

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    Um, some of this is jumping the gun and leaving out details, but I'll tell you what I know. They can search a car if they decide to, and if they find drugs, they can arrest whoever owns up to it or all in the car if they want to. Looked this up when wanting to know about a neighbor....

    Guess work based on t.v.: I think they take your stuff and put it in bags? after you've been arrested or they leave it in the car. If they think they will find more in your house, they can get a warrant to search and seize.

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    According to new supreme court rulings anyone who is within the area of physical control of the substance in plain view is considered to be in physical control of it. Meaning that if there is a bag of weed sitting on the center console everyone in the car can/will be charged with possession unless one person claims responsibility.

    Cash could be seized if there is a reasonable belief that it is the fruit of a crime or associated with it.

    There is a small possibility but a possibility that what evidence is found in a vehicle could create enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant to a home.

    Source(s): LEO
  • ssssss
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    I don't know where you are located and the question is hard to understand but I am assuming you were driving a friend's car, got pulled over, consented to a search, at which time the cops found hidden drugs (Duhhh, if the cop saw it in plain view they wouldn't have to search real hard, huh?) I assume they can seize and hold anything on you at the moment. But seriously, Yahoo? This is pretty important so maybe you should talk to your public defender and if you can, by all means secure a lawyer who isn't overworked, underpaid and uninterested in your case.

    Good luck, I think you'll need it.

    Hey, anyone would find this interesting. It's long, like 45 minutes but at least watch the first 15 mins.

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    If they have probable cause (i.e. they found drugs on your person during a frisk or in plain view) they can search. Otherwise, a warrant must be secured. They can arrest you if the car does not belong to you but you are driving it. If you are a passenger in a car, then you have rights.

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    If you give them permission to search then yes they can if you say no they have to have a warrant, but with probable cause the warrant will be executed. You should know whos car you are driving and what is in it.

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    Even if it's not your car/house/pair of jeans. If you are there you can be arrested. Guilty by association. Now, the question is, what can they charge you with that will stick in court. The best thing would be to stay away from drugs or from people who use, otherwise be prepared to face consequences like this.

  • Ericho
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    yes. if they had a valid reason to stop you in the first place. just get a lawyer and explain to him: say, i borrowed this car from someone and the police eventually stopped me and searched the car. apparently, they found drugs in the car but the drugs are not mine.

    hope things wok out for you and next time, dont borrow anyone else's car.

    God bless you.

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