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can i go from chubby to stick skinny?

im 5" 0" weighing at 107 lbs.

im a bit chubby around my legs, belly, and thights and thats about it. with my daily food intake with no exersize, i neither lose or gain pounds.

so, if i ran every two days, will i become really really skinny without gaining it pack when i stop exersizing - but still eating the same?


wot, suddenly people are saying that i dont need to become thin and some people are saying i am overwight - what am i suppose to do. but really, i DO want to look thin and i have my own reasons..

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    why do people always assume if you don't weigh very much,you must be skinny enough?believe me i do know what you are going through.i am 5' 0" also and now weigh around 115,and i hate it!i mostly gain weight in my stomach and a little in the thighs,but someone commented to me that i had a round face,when i looked in the mirror i decided right then that it was time to do something.i am looking into adkins just to lose the most of the weight and i could probably control it from there,i only average 6 lbs a year.if you find an easier way let me know.i also plan to do pilates.

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    LOL, that is not chubby. You're thin, slim, skinny whatever you wanna call it! If you go under 100lb, you are asking for trouble. Just get lots of exercise if you want to look more toned, and just eat healthily, don't diet. You want to lose fat, but not weight. So if you do weight training as well as cardio and eat healthily, you will gain muscle and lose fat. Your weight will stay the same, but you will look slimmer. Take care : )

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    it is not just a matter of running every two days .... you need a consistent exercise program .... say 3 times a wk along with healthy eating. No, you will not become stick thin, nor do you want to be. check with your dr about a healthy exercise / eating plan and see what your proper height / weight ratio should be.

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    if u weigh 107 theres no way u need to lose weight ur fine u may want to exercise

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    why would u want to look like a stick?

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