Why the lap top blast? My view on this. Is it correct?

Two months back I was in US. I bought Dell lap top computer. I heard three cases of lap top burst. Two from Dell and one from IBM. Therefore there is no difference in its make. I suspect because of over heat the battery burst. We usually remove the battery from the dead body before cremation. I have come across several cases of mobile phone burst. Why the manufacturers should not provide heat sensors to stop the function or alert us when the battery reaches the critical temperature.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    what the hell was that comment about removing a battery from a dead body before cremation about?? anyway, Dell issued a massive recall on those batteries, it would be a good idea to provide a heat sensor on the batteries, but i guess they havent thought of that yet, check dell's website about the recall, if your battery is included, you can get a new, safer battery for free

    Source(s): i have a dell laptop
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