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I have been addicted to drugs for years not realizing it.I've been addicted to cocaine for about three years.Recently I started smoking it,cooking it myself of course.I don't no what to do because of drugs i've lost evrything I once loved.I feel lost, all I need is the love of a good woman to end my destructiveness.Does anyone have any suggestions?Im currently in college and doing well for my self, but it seems like every time I see my friends I fall into the same old ****.Im only 21 and a great person who wants to love lifeI! Im lost please help!

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    greetings..the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. sharing your problem out here in the net world is a start. good for you. now do you really want help? I'm hoping you do, so listen up. having a good women at your side would indeed be pleasant, but it's not going to fix you. only you can fix you. how do i know this? I'll tell you how. because i went through a drug faze when i was about your age. it took the loss of everything..wife, house, job, kid' name it, until i finally bottomed out. these people your calling friends are anything but. for now you'll need to distance yourself from them, and begin your road to freedom. you can seek confidential counseling right there at your school, without jeopardizing your academic career. there's help out there if you really want it. I'm sure you have a family that loves you very much. no doubt there very concerned for you. and dont kid yourself thinking nobody knows your a druggie. trust me, as a former tweeker from many years ago, you where your emotions on your shirt sleeve and dont even know it. you've come this far. you have taken the first step. now take another and get your life back. there's people out there who love you. dont let the devil win. good luck

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    Stop hanging out with the same crowd. Keep yourself busy with anything that occupies your time (except drugs). Maybe go sit in the back of an AA meeting and see how bad your life can get if you stay on the path your on. I left a guy that I was with off and on for 12 years because he couldn't kick drugs, he's a great guy but the drugs ruined it for me. I would've married him if it weren't for that. Sometimes it's not enough for a woman to love you to stop you from doing drugs. I suggest if you want a good woman to love you, to get your life on track or you might just end up lonely forever. Or something worse like overdosing. You sound like you really want to quit so focus on your studies and get some help if you feel you can't do it alone. Whatever you do make sure you lose the losers you hang out with and make some new friends. If you ever want to chat, need some advise or just need someone to listen don't hesitate to contact me through here and I'll give you my email. Good luck, I wish you all the best.

  • If you know you are addicted to drugs, you seem to be taking the first step by admitting you have a problem and want to stop. Next step is to decide whether you can stop on your own or if you need help doing so. There are many treatment centers either in or out patient that will help as well as meetings you can attend with others going though the same issues. The addication can be hard but with proper help and resources it can make you ease though the transaction. I think right now you would be making a HUGE mistake if you got into a relationship with anyone. You have to get your life fixed first and a female can't and won't do that for you and it wouldn't be fair to either of you. Your not yourself with being on drugs. Take one step at a time and getting help for drugs should be your first because you are putting yourself in danger by not only doing it but cooking it. Your only path if you continue on this course is jail or death. Please get yourself help, if your in college either go to your parents or to a counselor at your university. Good luck to you and wishing you success.

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    it took me to get stabbed to get away from crack... I too lost everything like every crack head.... You need help dude! Yeah a partner may help u to stay occupied, but the urge is still there. My suggestion- move... gove to a quite little town.. though drugs are everywhere- it will give u a chance to stay clean at first, find a gurl, and hopefully keep ur mind off of it... I know the rush!!! I have to think everyday if i try coke or crack even once- ill be hooked again and loose everything i have...

    Try therapy or some phsic drugs tooo.... if that doesnt help admit ur self or go to n.a. Good Luck Man

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    Hun, you need to drop your drugs AND the friends who influence you to do it. Whether they forcefully do it to you, or it's just second nature when youre around them, you need to stop the cycle. You should do some sort of drug addiction program that would suit you best, some just wont work for some people because it doesnt suit thier needs.

    Tomorrow I will get some drug rehab info from my school and I can send it to you if you want to exchange emails:

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    get some rehab done first so you can be clean of drugs I would be your friend I want some friends you will find someone who will love you some where keep on lookin shes out there some where.All I am a female.I dont have many friends.

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    ok i feel you on this one,

    after i had my baby, the babys daddy was hooked on G!!

    this caused SO MUCH PAIN in our relationship, that we BARELY even have a relationship now ( yeah i got him off it, moved to another part of town and TRY to keep him away from it) I have tried everything in my power to keep my love away from G, becuz honestly is he does it again...the baby and I are GONE FOR GOOD! BUT it really is on his shoulders u know what i mean? I mean i can watch him, ask him, and yell at him if he gets into it...but hes the one that has to make that choice.....

    but for real

    if you EVER want to love someone and


    u have to make that choice....the drug or ur life.....

    becuz drugs can make u do stupid things...yeah i know this

    i got my *** beat by my man when he was all G'ed PLEASE if u want what u say u want...just make that choice

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    First step is go into NA (narcotics anonymous) right away. Get away from anyone who is bringing you back to the habit. Get active with a different type of group and stay active with them. If you are religious, get deeper into it. Anything to keep you away from it is a good idea.

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    just try to make new friends who don't do those things. It may be hard to quit. You will go through withdrawl and will will feel like **** but this is your body fighting back to get to its normal state again. What ever you do do not take it if you have a crave just think to yourself it will all be over someday and I will feel fine if i just try.

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    you won't get a good woman until you get yourself out of that hole you concentrate on staying clean join a drug program similar to AA, stay away from the bad crowd make new friends that don't do drugs or drink.

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