Are atheist who bash religion just seeking attention?

At least religious people are trying to "save" them... why should a atheist even care about other religions?

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    it's possible. i see your point. i think a lot of them have been hurt by religion, or are just frustrated with it for some reason. but there is always a chance that they are just seeking the truth...

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    No, they aren't trying to "save" us. They're trying to keep their conscious clean, to make up for all the 'sins' they make during the day. They've been freaked out into believing they're going to hell for that, so they try to compensate by bringing more people to the religious business.

    Anyway, even if you were right, and they were ONLY trying to help us, it's really arrogant to 'try to save' a person who has decided not to be saved (by those terms) and who believes (and has a perfectly legal right to think so) that that is not salvation. We believe differently, so do NOT save us, because that's not salvation the way we see it. They're trying a blind person to cross the street (and if you take this as an admission we're blind, that would mean you haven't understood a word of this. Don't disappoint me, please)... Anyway, they're trying to help a blind person cross the street, when that person was actually not wishing to cross it. Be more humble, and accept the possibility that we are right, or AT LEAST acknowledge our right to be wrong, and make our own mistakes, even (the way you see it, not as we do) at the cost of our salvation. It's our choice. Leave us alone.

    And as for the other part of your question, I for one, care about religions only in that religions are in our way all the time. I live in a country where I'm granted the constitutional right to be an unbeliever, and yet I have to have many aspects of my life affected on a daily basis by religious principles and standards. The very day Christianity stops treading on the way of everyone, I'll stop caring about religions, and figthing them.

    One more thing, just because we bash religions doesn't mean we bash religious people. At least I make a difference. I hope you understand it.

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    Why should I (an atheist) care about religion?

    It's not so much the religion that I care about, but the people involved in taking away my rights as an American and discriminating me.

    I care because an atheist boy cannot be a boyscout, even though it gets federal funding.

    I care because my children won't be able to walk through the halls of their school without seeing signs that say "God bless America", even though it is a public school with government funding.

    I care because religious people are blowing themselves up by flying into buildings and starting wars. It is important to remember that 9-11 was a result of religion. To Osama Bin Laden, there is only one God, Allah. In his response to attack America, "Satan", many American people erected "God Bless America" signs everywhere. Another holy war is on. How many wars have atheists started?

    I care because I have, "Under God" in my pledge of allegiance-which by the way was orignally written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all". "Under God" was added in 1923, over strong objection by the author.

    I care because the Constitution of the United States, which address this matter in the very first of the Bill of Rights, "(the government) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". This means the government may not even acknowledge that religion exists. And yet, there are seven states where an Atheist cannot legally testify.

    I care because atheists are the least trusted minority in America.

    I care because the people of religion pose a direct threat to me and my rights. That's why I care.

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    Who knows? You'll have to ask individuals. They are not all the same and therefore most likely don't have the same reasons for doing what they do.

    I have heard some atheists claim that they are doing a public service by pointing out the "stupidity" of religion. And yet they have no experience of God, so they are showing contempt prior to investigation. A public service is knowing what you are talking about before you go warning people against something. If an atheist does not know God--which, by definition, he or she does not--then he or she is not qualified to speak of God. He or she may speak of people of faith with whom he or she has had personal experience, while keeping in mind that these folks too are individuals and do not represent the entire body of believers.

    In any event, I don't go around bashing atheists. Nor do I hound them. I respect their choice, after trying to discern whether or not they know what it is they are actually choosing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO, just retaliating against the many superstitious idiots that can't understand that we don't want to hear any mumbo-jumbo hocus-pocus illogical, non-sensical superfluous drivel imposed on us at every turn... we don't go to your churches... why do you come out of your churches to persecute those of us that have the rights, liberties and freedoms NOT to have to listen or be forced into indoctrination or to support your pedagogue religious leaders and hate mongers that teach mostly intolerance and bigotry? How about leaving us alone and we will GLADLY ignore you to death! Worry about YOUR OWN souls, and I will worry about my own!

    Keep your personal beliefs to YOURSELVES and out of the tax supported areas (courts, schools, libraries, government buildings, etc) and we won't impose our "beliefs" in your churches or places of worship. Stop imposing your ignorance on science so we can find badly needed cures for ALL of humanity! Remember, THE EARTH IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE! "Judge not so ye may not be judged." Keep your religious criticism and superstitious rhetoric to yourselves and amongst yourselves!

    Atheists are the first ones that help others REGARDLESS of their personal beliefs and NOT for selfish reason of a supposed "reward" in the afterlife but because people need it and are our neighbors or fellow human beings... we are not hypocrites nor presumptuous buffoons that tote a Bible in one hand while leering at the women or children, or cheating and lying... can you understand that, is it simple enough? If you have nothing intelligent to say, without referring to the Bible, if you have no facts or evidence other than what the Bible says, keep it to yourself (first find out about how the Bible was put together by committees of men that compromised and left out many "God inspired" books, because of conveniences and personal agendas... OK); don't say anything that reeks of fanatical beliefs when other people are speaking or communicating. Read a bit of historical evidence before you open your toothless pie-holes to quote the Bible... learn some historical facts, learn something original instead of repeating things you do not understand or know to be factual... you are like the donkey loaded with books... where the wisdom is wasted!

  • 1 decade ago

    The same could be said in reverse.

    At least an atheist is trying to save religious people from wasting their lives believing in something that doesn't exist.

    Things should be looked at from both sides.

    I think that some are just looking for attention but not all.

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    Are politicians trying to deny us basic rights to health care, happiness, prosperity and security and privacy in our own homes just seeking attention???

    An agnostic is one who denies a higher being. An atheist is just like all other religions. They all believe that their way to God is the only and right way.

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    Since a·the·ism is the 1) disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods. (religion) there is an essential need FOR a religion (or religious people) for them to bash in order for the atheist to be who they are. Simply put, they must be opposing religion, they must be against religion and they must be actively against those who have a religion in order to be who they are - atheists. They need the existence of religion and the religious, or they would have nothing to bash or deny. So they must be here, bashing religion, in order to effectuate their denial of religion, thereby establishing their role as atheists. Therefore, they are basically just role-playing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I find it incredibly inconsiderate to have a stranger come up to me, an atheist, and talk to me about how God loves me. I think its just as rediculous as a Jahova trying to convert a Christian. Just because Athiests speak out against such idiotic behaviour doesnt mean that we are seeking attention.......although...its always a plus

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    Imagine you have a friend in their twenties who believes in Santa Claus. He's obsessed with Santa. Every Sunday he goes to the mall for an hour in the hopes he can sit on Santa's lap. Every night he "talks" to Santa and tells him what he wants for Christmas. He thinks if he is bad, he will go on Santa's naughty list. This thought terrifies him. In fact, he doesn't want anyone to go on the Naughty list, so he tries to convert everyone he knows into "Santa-believers".

    Now, if you were a true friend, you'd try to convince your stupid friend that he was wasting his time. That's how it is with atheists and Christians.....

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