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Is there any Jonathan Kellerman fans? What is your favorite book?

I really liked the murder book and when the bough breaks.

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    I liked Silent Partner (very twisty) and Time Bomb.

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    common author(s): Sarah Dessen, Stephenie Meyer (The Host I gave up on Twilight.) common e book(s):purely hear, The Host, alongside For The experience, Lush, appropriate, shrink. Many extra. common sequence: homestead Of night, Evermore, The Land Of Elyon, Artemis hen. final e book study: Percy Jackson And The Olypians. modern e book reading: None, regrettably. want to study: Shadow Souls by utilising L.J. Smith. And such lots of others.

  • I've read A Cold Heart, Rage, and Therapy ..... I thought they were okay. I heard Gone was good too.

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