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Familiar with Observation results?

I had the results of my first teaching observationn today and receieved "M"'s (meets standard ) on all categories but one. I received an "I" ( need improvement ) in one category - having to do with learning environment.

The VP was very positive and said not to be concerned, only the year end one matters ( I have two more) and gave me some classroom layout suggestions and strategies that seem very good.

But - is an "I" something to be concerned about?

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    It seems like the VP is just trying to guide you on the right direction, remember that this is just your first teaching observation and learning how to take feedback is a very important quality in a teacher. My advice to you is to take his suggestions into practice and not to worry about it. Congratulations on getting past your first observation!

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    If the boss says NOT TO WORRY, don't worry! If you trust this guy, trust him then. Let it go..........

    All you can give is your best.

  • Anonymous
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    nope, don't worry about it.

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