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am i feeling better?

yup.i feel better now u guys show response to my problem=>maybe i need to spend more time with my friends who are withthe same age as mine innit.but i cant undestand it u something had prevent me from being a good conversationalist.i do think that i have something to talk about at times.i kno im a serious person but not as serious as others i i can make jokes sometimes and so on.but i cant undestand a lot of quieter people can have close friends and they happen to be in the class which have a lot of quiet people in it.but not in my case.i have to be in a class which ALL of thm are talkative,fun,not serious.well theres one person but she gets friends..not like not good at my studies here,so people disrespct me more. seems like they dont show any interest 2 talk to me like the way they want to talk with thier other friends.i can c boredom look on their face.maybe im bcoming more paranoid these matter what i do,i cant be a really good talker like othrs

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    no one needs to talk so much. listen more... its becoming a lost art.

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