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Can you eat mongoose?

A friend at work says he buys a certain meat (like deli meat for sandwiches)that is the tail of the mongoose.He says it is called hakemyakie or something that sounds like that.

Is he for real or is he trying to pull my chain?


The guy that told me is about 60years old and from Missouri.Also he says they sell it at his neighborhood Price Chopper.

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    I sincerly doubt that any chain is going to sell a non-USDA meat.

    Some local ethnic shops may sell of the wall stuff. But I have never heard of mongoose meat, besides they don't have much of a tail. The little weasel (haha) is probably blowing smoke

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    Mongoose Eating

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    I didn't find much on eating mongoose meat on But, I wouldn't put it past him. And where the heck would he buy that? We're in America. Maybe he is pulling your chain...but, not sure though. lol

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    I have never heard of anyone eating mongoose but you can eat mygoose anytime.

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    It might be true, where is he from? From Asia??? Laos? Cambodia? they eat stuff like that out there. Well that sounds nasty. I know someone that ate Monkey balls (testicles) Yeah...NASTY!

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    I can't answer that one for you, But ask him what the taste is like

    If he's Asian it wouldn't surprise me.

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