What do all of you think of this link?

At first I thought why not have a movement for purity. But then I thought it might be a bit much, sort of like we need to have more humility about who we are. Still in this world we need to be more bold for Christ right ? So why not have a movement? Any how I eventually made up my mind but I still want to see what 'yall have to say about it.


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    I think it may help to understand why we should remain "pure" It is not because God does not want us to enjoy ourselves. It is because sin hurts people. Just as a parent does not want to see his or her child get hurt, they will tell that child not to play in the road, not to play with matches or other things that may harm them.

    Sin always cost more then we can afford and it always cost others then the one doing it.

    There is a high cost of hidden sin. We are told no one will ever find out, but satan is the master blackmailer. He tells us this, and often he is the one to expose this sin. It causes maximum damage to all around us. Lets look at the high cost of sin in our own life:

    We know that to break the law...it is sin. Someone that drives while they are drunk may feel they are just endangering themselves, but are they? Why don't you check with M.A.D.D. about this? (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Go to the funeral home where they are having service for a child killed by a drunk driver. Then tell me sin only effects the one doing it.

    Look at the family of the man or woman that is having an affair. Look that that persons spouse...wondering whose bed their husband or wife is in now....Then tell me sin only effects the one doing it.

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    I think it is good. It may seem like a lack of humility and it might even be a lack of humility. But if we wait till we are perfect before we try to do something, then we will never do anything. I think this will have much more of a positive impact than a negative.

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    ...it is interesting.

    Know this, the more openly you fight for something the harder the struggles can come toward you.

    Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

    Read and obey his word, and he will guide you in your life, and guard you in your walk daily.

    blessing in Christ, -LIVE4TRUTH =]

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    it's an interesting idea... it wouldn't hurt, i guess.

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