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what is DVD ripping?

plz reply to me in detail.

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    Its putting the DVD on your hard drive so you can "burn" (copy) it onto a DVD if you so choose

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    DVD's have copy protection on them to stop people copying them. DVD Ripping is using software on your computer which allows you to make a copy of the DVD onto your hard drive and removes the protection from the copy so that you can then burn it onto another blank DVD.

    Technically that's illegal although there is a big debate about whether you should be allowed to make back-up copies of your own purchased DVD's.

    Exactly how to do it is too big a subject to explain here but there are plenty of sites on the internet which can tell you how.

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    Ripping is the process of copying the audio and/or video data from one media form, such as Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) to a hard disk without the DVD copy protection screwing up your files.

    Almost every DVD disc is encrypted nowadays which prevents you from simply dragging and dropping its contents to your hard disk. DVDs are encrypted by CSS, which scrambles the DVD file as it is copied. There are several tools available which can easily bypass this problem simply by decrypting the DVD's contents.

    A ripper is a program that allows you to break this encryption and "rip" out the files from the DVD, without it being turned into garbage data. Basically, it allows you to copy files from the DVD to your hard-drive successfully.

    DVD ripping is really just DVD copying (to the hard-drive).

    The term "Ripping" comes from the extensive use of the term "CD Ripping", which means copying the audio from the CD digitally (bit for bit), as opposed to converting it to analog, and then let your sound card convert it back. Perhaps DVD Decryption is a better term to describe this process.

    here are some very good programs:dvd-decrypter, dvd shrink

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    Dvd ripping is the same as cd riping just that you need software that will decrypt the dvd if protected in order to rip and save on your hard drive.

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    DVD ripping is copying the contents of a dvd movie to your hard-disk. dvd movies come with all sorts of css protections to stop the user from making pirate copies. your normal copying software like Nero and them will not be able to copy the movies unless you have a software called "Anydvd" which will take all the protection out for you. if you are after a good free dvd ripping software then use Dvdfab free.

    then use nero for shrink to burn it to a dvdr.

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    Dvd shrink is a very easy program that will rip dvds and put them on your hard drive so they can be burnt onto a single dvd disk.

    you can download dvd shrink and find out more here:

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    dvd ripping is when u take a dvd and "rip" a copy of it to your hard drive.

    dvd burning,is wen u take that copy on your hard drive and "burn" it to a blank dvd disk

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    Usually is a illegal activity, unless you own the dvd and just trying to make a backupcopy.

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    Check this link... It would help you alot ->

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    burning or recording from one dvd to another,or to your hard drive

    on your computer

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