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Question about Heart Attacks?

My Father tonight called me upstairs asking me to sit with him to calm him down, hes never had a heart attack before but he is 50, a hard working man, and I know as much as he does that his body is wearing down, he said he felt woosy, dizzy and his heart rate kicked up fast, he just dident feel right, this has been happeing lately and hes gone to the Doc's, yet I want to know, what could help him if he does get too stressed and his heart begins to over work and cause harm to him? And how can I lower his Blood Pressure and Colesteroal (Spelling on that is bad, sorry).

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    He needs to calm down and relax no matter what that means. He should eliminate as much stress as possible. He should't eat big meals and he should avoid animal fats. Drink lots of water and not smoke. He should eat oatmeal and other whole grains.

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    First off, it is VERY important!!! that he see a doctor about this ASAP. I myself am only 30 and suffer from high blood pressure that could lead to a heart attack if left uncontrolled. Some common advice would be that the person needs to limit the amount of stress in their life. WRONG. I can tell you point blank that an individuals stress reactions are often something that has been conditioned over years and sometimes no matter what you do to NOT stress out your body will do it on its own by pure instinct. It's just your personal reaction. Another bit of advice is that the person should just pay attention to the clues that their own body is sending out. RIGHT AND WRONG. The problem with that is that even if you are paying attention to these things and do nothing about them there is nothing you can do if a heart attack starts. It kinda becomes too little too late at that point. This is something that an individual should not keep just putting off like going to the dentist or something. I noticed that in your question you were asking what YOU could do. The answer is nothing. Nothing but to vocalize that you feel it is important for your pops to see a DR. soon. I myself am on 3 meds a day just to control my hypertension and prevent anything fatal and like I said I am only 30. Your dad is 50. He is 20 years ahead of me on any damage to his health.

    Best advice on what YOU can do....Make an appointment for him with the family DR. and make sure he sticks to it. Also have him talk to his DR. about putting him any meds to control his stress/heart condition. There are a rainbow of pills that could be really helpful to help in controling these things. There could be more than one factor involved in this and you can't tell just by looking in the mirror. Good Luck! VINNY

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    sit down with him and talk about something he enjoys, what are some of his favorite hobbies? Maybe help him with some breathing exercises (breathing slowly - in through the nose, out though the mouth). This reminds me of when i spent the last week with my father before he had a massive heart-attack. I don't want to scare you, but it does remind me of my experience. I was trying to help him move out of his house because he was trying to get a divorce. He was constantly complaining of feeling the way your father is feeling. He also was complaining alot about his hands hurting. My father just didn't seem right, was very tired and almost acted really depressed. He just didn't have that get up and go. I wish i had known then what i know now about heart-attacks, i could have saved my dads life....I struggle with that alot, if i knew the signs i would have drug him to the hospital so he would be alive today. But then i try to remember, i cant change what happened now. You are a great kid to be so concerned about your father.

    As far as blood pressure and cholesterol, you can try to help him find a more healthy diet, take him to the grocery store and help him buy the right foods. Once and if he does have a heart-attack, things will be much more strict as far as diet and exercise are concerned.



    hope this helps!

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    he could also have a panic attack, which is also very common. the symptoms can be the same. Never the less he is still alive and can get checked out. He should consider himself warned, his body is trying to tell him something. He may not like it, but I guess he likes to live many more years. So, get him checked out. See want professionally can be done for him. Medicine, lifestyle changes, procedures, there are many thinks he can do.

    The one thing he should overcome is his fear and get educated about his condition. the more he understands, the less fear he will face. My father did not listen and was very scared. He passed 3 years ago from a massive Heart attack.

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    try lipitor or a similar medication for cholestrol and atenolol or similar for blood pressure. have him visit a doc there is no OTC cure

    Source(s): 8 yrs pharmacy experince
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