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Is this South Africa?

Since I've been submitting my questions, I've done a lot of research into politics and social change in SA since I left.

The answers I get on this forum indicate this -

a) There has been a complete revolution in SA, and the Afrikaner minority is now paying for the sins of the fathers

There is an ethnic cleansing of boers happening, as over 1000 farmers and their families have been slaughtered on one end, and on the other, the ANC has brilliantly twisted Affirmative Action laws into a modern interpretation of the Nuremberg Laws, assuring that those who aren't killed, will starve

b) The younger generation - of whites and blacks alike - know only the propaganda fed them by the ANC, and so only know about the evils of apartheid, but not the habitable, safe, modern country SA was 15 years and more ago

Hillbrow used to be great

c) And because of the above, that generation does not realise the extent of the AIDS and chaos going on around them

Am I wrong?

If so, say why.

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    Cheerio old chap! You are suspended.

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    Oh Brad Morris, How long have you been away. What a load of hogwash. Apartheid has been gone for only 10 -11 years and I would say that the progress that has been made in SA has been excellent. Thank heavens we 'DONT" have to learn the afrikaans language which I detest anyway. Had I been given the choice I would have chosen Xhosa instead.

    Maybe one thing that does annoy me is the affirmative action, which has gone from one extreme to the other. BEE comes into this as well. Our heritage sites all being renamed as though we didnt exist and dont have a say.

    I am glad that apartheid has gone, but I would say that everybody is being educated fairly and EVERYBODY is being educated on HIV and the rest.

    Hillbrow was great. I stayed there for 8 years, only because the blacks were not allowed into certain areas. They are after all only people as well, just different skin colour. We have a suburbs which we didnt have then, so why would we want to go back into Hillbrow.

    Life changes, circumstance change, and maybe you should think about going along with that. WAKE UP. Its 2006 not 1986.

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    Yes, I can agree with you on that. I am south african and I was born during the apartheid. My grandfather and father went to war and they are believers of apartheid. I am not racist and I dont believe that people should be called 'superior' to any other race. Although this is very good for people of my generation to believe in, we still suffer the consequences for what apartheid has done to this country.

    To be honest, I dont blame the ANC for reclaiming what they never had, although it is unfair towards the younger white generation, as we were born when this happened and are completely innocent and had nothing to do with the decisions made.

    Nowadays, for the white race in SA, it is hard to find a job, because everything is affirmative action or black employment equity.The younger generation knows what apartheid has done and we know the evils around it. We are in schools with the black people and we are all equal. The younger black and white generations is not racists. The younger generation understands that these people who suffered so horribly in apartheid had no education, no proper jobs to feed their families, no proper homes,the list is endless - the crime in this country is mainly caused by poverty and when the 'boers' implemented the apartheid, they should've of thought about the consequences to follow, obviously there will be crime, when these people get paid minimum wages or less and no opportunities.

    I dont believe in apartheid and I think it was a huge downfall for this country when they implemented the apartheid.Although this does not justify all the innocent people suffering from it. It's almost as if the two races play tit for tat, always trying to better the other and always trying to seek revenge. This I think will bring this country down, hopefully the younger generations can make peace with the past and live in harmony.

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    I could try and tell you where you are wrong, but a comprehensive answer would take 6 pages. Very little you say is a true reflection.

    a) I am a white afrikaner male and have lived in pre- and post apartheid south africa. I am not a supporter of the ANC, but the statements re ethnic cleansing, starvation and slaughter is false. (It is however a VERY sad truth that many white farmers have been killed).

    b) The government does have a strong publicity arm like any government, BUT NEVER BEFORE was it so easy to access differing opinuion. We have full access to news and opinions and all forms from all over the world. Totally unrestricted.

    c) Our governments repsonse to AIDS is shocking and criminal. I am considered to be fairly well informed and have not seen ANY signs of chaos.

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    Why can't you just let go of the past. I already told you, you've got no right to even mention the words SOUTH AFRICA. Where have you been the past few elections? Did you bring out a vote, making your mark as a South African? NO!!!!

    What gives you the right to say anything about this country, just because you stay in the country who sticks its nose in everybody else’s business, doesn't mean that you now owns the right doing it.

    This is the present, where yes, people get murdered, babies get raped, and farmers slaughtered. But then again, we don't send innocent soldiers to a country that is not ours, killing, raping, shooting and ransacking the place?

    Have you ever try and get something positive about this country? Remember most international news is negative bloody news, cause why: ANY NEWS IS GOOD NEWS (You are in the entertainment world, surely you must have heard it before)

    In America, racism is still a big crisis. At least we try to sort it out. Of course we've got racial issues, but then again (and catch a wake-up please) so does America.

    So this all rose and sunshine country you're staying in, is SO not better than South Africa. (At least we don't get bombed for sticking our noses into other people's business (11/09???)).

    And yes, there has been a revolution in this country, and if you were here, you would know, that it was time. And yes, I AM WHITE, and no, (and sorry for all the readers, but I know what some people say about people like me), I am not a K******lover! I have respect for every color in this country. As a Christian it is expected of me, and it is my choice. So brace yourself, because I say VIVA REVOLUTION!

    And regarding AIDS!!!!! America has got that too!!! Wake up and smell the AIDS AROUND YOU!!! (You yourself said that many lunatics slept with you, are you sure you're HIV Negative?)

    So I ask you, is America really better than South Africa??????

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    Brad please. You don't live in SA anymore, and unless you're planning to return, why are you on here, arguing with anyone who disagrees with you anyways.

    I don't see what you get out of any of this (except maybe a rush of blood to a certain member of you're anatomy)

    Please explain to me, since you do not consider yourself South African anymore (I believe you said "wild horses cant drag me back") why do you keep filling Yahoo Answers with you're negativity? Even though some of the points you bring up are true, whats the point? Apartheid isn't gonna come back, because one silly white man bitches and sobs like a a little girl with a skinned knee.

    What are you trying to prove?

    That South Africa is f**ked up? Fine, you made you're point, now what?

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    To some degree what you have written is true. The crime rate in South Africa has gone up. Plenty of white people have sold their farms in South Africa. There has been more murders since apartheid been removed. But the worst case of AIDS is in Swaziland. King: Mswati III and his government has not address the issue of the AIDS crisis there.

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    I live in South Africa,i'm a law student...the country has change...yes there are problems but we are a young change is slow...but there are improvements....and the crisis of Aids,many people are uneducated on the disease

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    Well the fact is that you have not done any research on 9/11. I would love to debate you. You are a moron! Go do the research.

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    Yeah maybe your right, but in my opinion...

    Hey brad...

    Get a girlfiend!!!


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