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How GPRS is functioning ?

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    General Packet Radio Service, a standard for wireless communications which runs at speeds up to 115 kilobits per second, compared with current GSM.GPRS, which supports a wide range of bandwidths, is an efficient use of limited bandwidth and is particularly suited for sending and receiving small bursts of data, such as e-mail and Web browsing, as well as large volumes of data.GPRS is like radio frequency.How GPRS operate??GPRS can realize the introduction of end-to-end packet data communication into GSM network. The data transmission rate it provides is higher than that of the current GSM circuit switching quite evidently with the highest transmission rate reaching up to 160kbit/s. End-users can obtain diversified data services including mobile office, internet access, e-mail and e-business, etc.

    But for my understanding is it like radio frequency.With GPRS at ur handphone,u can surf internet with about 128 kb/s.GPRS also similary like wireless.The weather is effect the effecient of GPRS.

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    What do you mean??

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