What is your opinion guys..?

So my ex today was laying with me and cuddling after we'd had sex. And he was looking at me and stroking my hair and pushing it out of my eyes as I lay there with him. We didn't say anything we just lay there and it was great. Do you guys do this with someone you aren't in love with? It's one thing to cuddle but to stare at someone lovingly like that? I don't know. I need your opinions. I definitely love my ex.

please no rude comments..


I've asked him and he's been ambiguous about it in the past. He has told me that he's been sick without me. But of course I don't know how to take that. One thing is for sure. We have a mutual understanding that we're just hooking up...we're both trying to meet new people and I never really had feelings like the ones i had before come back tome like that until he did this. Now i'm wondering if there are still feelings?

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    Anyone can have sex and be satisfiend but nine times out of ten most guys that have sex with a woman just bust and thats the end of it for them they are happy. But to be able to have sex have an orgasm then still be content and happy enough to lay in bed with the one you with and talk and cuddle and actually be seriously into it it something from the Gods. If you are able to be happy in situation like the one you described, I would definetly think with little doubt that you two could have something very special together. That is always the sign of a true, true relationship. Seriousely. Being able to have enterourse with someone and still love them intensely and want to be with them. That is the makings of the relationships intended by god. Follow your heart my friend. It sounds like something great it about to happen in yoiur life, perhaps a soul mate. Good luck to you and a very a good day.

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    Ex-boyfriend, ex-husband? This is a very loaded question without knowing more about your realationship but I will try. First of all you call him your ex so this tells me that this sex was just sex and nothing more but you are still in love with him but there is no binding realationship. Please understand I can only use general terms here without knowing more. Men and wemon alike will have what is called comfort sex, that means that in a time of need (to be close to someone phyically) we will turn to someone we are familar with and allready feel comfortable with to fill that need. How your ex feels about you is something only you can find out by asking him. The fact that he looked at you in what you consider a loving way may only be because you still love him and wish it to be so, he may only be looking at you in that way because he feels thankfull that you have given him what he wanted or needed. Comunication is important between people and my advice to you is for you to talk to him about this and find out from the sorce. Good luck

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    Just because you stare at someone like that and cuddle and whatnot , especially after sex, does not mean you are in love. If you were in love you would know it, not just from staring at each other. Love is more than sex and looking at each other in nice ways. But you say you love him, which you might. But Im not sure if he loves you, ask him that. But if you are having sex with him and all that why is he your ex? Are you guys just friends with benefits now or something?

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    um he is your ex and is he curently dating cuz if so then u r just plain wrong but if not , it may feel awesome but keep in mind he is your X for a reason unless u guys broke up because u feel the love was 2 strong 2 hold on 2 ,which we know is not the case , just give it some time if he tells u that he wants 2 get back 2gther than more power 2 u but keep in mind he could just want 2 get back with u, i dont know all the details but,keep in mind he is your X for a reason.

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    Yea, it's pretty common. That's how we get lucky again. It also keeps us from having to commit to anything permanent. We can keep this up until we're in our fifties, then we've got to settle down because we've got to pick someone to carry us to the toilet and wipe our asses in a few years. So, we figure then we've got to start paying for the milk instead of just taking it for free.

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    Sounds like he wants to make you think he still cares about you when in all reality he just wants the sex there when he wants some. Sorry to be so straight to the point...But that's the truth!!!!

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    no, that means pure love.

    i was ready to kill or even to die for her, if required. she never understood me.

    but still, as i dont know him personally, there are a lot of things which should be considered before coming to a conclusion.

    coz i know she loves me too, but she could not control her other wishes which she could not do if she was with me.

    Source(s): not her fault - not my fault just happened. but if this would not have happened, i wonder how great our lives could have been
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    he was practicing for the next girl as well as working on his game and boosting his self esteem. think about this, if he broke up with you, then you deserve better, dear. learn some self respect and move on.

    GUYS AND GIRLS WILL: manipulate ex's, and people they aren't interested in just so they feel better about themselves. this is whats happening to you. MOVE ON, dear.

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    it depends if i realy one wana give it a go again then yea if i realy love you then definately if your realy good in bed and rock my world yea i will do almost any manor of manupulation possible to keep you if your are realy good in bed or i am extremely in love with you to the point to where when i leave you i get sick and think aboutyou every wakeing hour

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    He just likes you because your an easy lay...thats the 100% truth stop giving it to him and his true colors will show!

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