Cost to dock a boat in Santa Cruz, CA?

I'm thinking of buying a boat. How much does it cost to store it at a marina in Santa Cruz, CA?

Also, what other costs are associated besides fuel? Just curious.

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    The cost is the least of your problems. To begin with, there is a LONG waiting list for slips in the Santa Cruz Harbor. We waited over 14 years for a slip in the lower harbor. The wait for the upper harbor is usually less depending upon the size of the boat. If you are considering a sailboat, the upper harbor will require that your mast be tabernackled to be lowered to get under the bridge. For a power boat, you are probably ok and will have only the wait for the slip. Call the harbormaster for waiting list and costs. Occasionally there are slips available for sub-let by boatowners away cruising or commercial boats that are working out of the area. There is a sub-let fee in addition to the slip fee. If You buy a boat already in the harbor, you can usually keep the slip for up to a year until you can find your own. Additional costs are bottom cleaning and zinc replacement (every 3 months) ... periodic haulout for new bottom paint (every 18 - 24 months)... general maintenace of your mechanical and electronic gear. We set aside about $1500/year for maintenance on a 30ft sailboat and hope that nothing major comes along.

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    San Jose to Santa Cruz is about a million hour through the Santa Cruz mountains. close to the boardwalk there are extremely some life like places. you could favor to envision with AAA to locate one it somewhat is rated fairly nicely. Capitola is massive, no longer faraway from Santa Cruz boardwalk, it would nicely be a lot less intense priced than perfect on the boardwalk and far extra quiet.

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    1500 dollars and current price

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