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Where can I buy sturdy rustic furniture for 6 duplex cabins I'm building in Texas ?

These cabins are for rentals so furniture needs to be inexpensive and durable--like headboards, 3 pc dining set, small sofa, etc.

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    hmm.. well, my 'significant other' isn't exactly the nature loving type and prefers room service over grilling so in order to have a somewhat decent 3 day weekend together void of complaining and whining, I would opt for the suite with the balcony overlooking the city. Plus, if things take a turn for the worse like they have a tendency of doing, there would be people around in case he were to try and pull something. Man, just saying that out loud, or typing it out.. makes me realize how miserable I must sound.. damn. Sorry to all those expecting to hear romantic answers.. Now, for future reference.. if I were in a happy relationship with my ideal guy and I were asked to pick a place out of these two scenarios, my preference would be the rustic cabin all the way.. :) That definitely is more romantic, more memorable, and just an entirely better way to spend a long three day weekend with a significant other!

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    You must start on the trail that leads south, southewest out of town. Then circle the great wooden oak. Head due east until you reach the man with the wooden leg, he only accepts gift of cheese. In his infinite wisdom, he will guide you to the sacred mountain of sturdy rustic furniture. Steer clear of the fire swamp and bring plenty of aged chili.

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    Have you ever looked at

    They have very durable items

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    You are contributing to the Californication?

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