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Can a woman have an Adam's apple like Deborah Norville on the show Inside Edition had?

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    Yes, of course women can have Adam's apples. The medical term for this is laryngeal prominence. An Adam's apple is the joining of the 2 halves of the thyroid cartilage in the larynx (voice box) It's that usually men have a more prominent one, because the 2 laminae (flat cartilages) meet at ninety degrees. However, in women the joint is at 120 degrees, so it's a bit flatter out. All in all it's not like one size fits all. There will be men with less prominent adam's apples, i.e. with a joint of more than 90 degrees, and women with more prominent adam's apples, i.e. a joint of less than 120 degrees.

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    Women do not have Adam's apples.

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    Umm, if she had one, I guess the answer would be yes then...

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    well it depends on the weight

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