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nagging live in boyfriend! help!?

Ive been living with my bf for a few months , we've not been together a whole year but have known ea. other for years. He is nice, caring and supportive..on the other hand we have been bitching back and forth to the point that he is not even home right becuase he stormed out. This is why(dumbest thing in the world) he was clipping his fingernails and I told him to make sure he cleans up after himself in a nice way (i swear!) and he snapped at me like i should not have even said anything bc he KNOWS! Then rents due in like 2 days and hes 40 bucks short on rent (he hasnt paid his half of groceries or utilities yet, i havent asked, but he knows thats part of the deal which is add'l $100+) and asked if i could cover it. the day b4 yesterday my engine blew up and i dont even have a damn car right now let alone his portion of rent, when o ya, he has like ten grand in a savings account that he doesnt want to get out but he thinks I should spend my pay when i have none! what should i do??

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    you need to either realize that this is who he is and accept it (he doesn't seem like he wants to change) or get rid of him somehow if he drives you that crazy and isn't holding up his end of the bargain.

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    I have done the same thing before with an innocent reminder to do something and then my son or a guy will get mad. I guess I would too but we women naturally nag even when we dont mean to...

    Anywho, if that damn man has money in the bank (unless he gets penalized for taking money out before a certain time period) then he needs to give you the money that he owes you and stop asking you to pick up his slack. He should be helping you fix your car too as that would be the right thing to do. Not saying that you shouldnt pay it back but wtf, ya know.

    You need to realize if you really want to stay living together. Pick your battles and even tho it comes naturally dont say those little things that might set him off. The money part tho needs to be discussed and let him know that you get nervous when bills are so close to being due and it would make you feel better if he would give you the money a little early or let you know a few days before that he knows its due and will give you the money in time. Back to the nagging stuff, now if it comes to after he has already done something like leaving his nails on the floor then you can either clean it up and say hey I got that so dont worry about it (nicely but not fake nice) or you can say hey f*ckstick, clean that up cause I'm not your momma. Obviously I am saying that sarcastically.

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    Get out while you can. My DAD is like that. I grew up watching my mom have to do literally anything possible to put food on the table. Even though he had money in the bank. He refused to put mothers name on the checking account. And was very possessive with his money he made. He was also very verbally and physically abusive to my mother. He was a dead beat father. Please don't make the same mistake as my mother did. He's not the fish in the sea you are looking for.

    If he shows his aggression this early, I'd hate to see what he will be like in a few months to a year if things continue on this path of destructiveness. If you really want things to work; I would suggest counseling. If he refuses to go. Go by yourself. It will boost your confidence up. And maybe help you see the light. The relationship you are in is not healthy. I hope this helps.

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    Make up your mind if you really want to be with him or not,he doesn't sound cheap,just trying to save for the future and thinks that maybe the two of you can make it without spending the savings which means spending all you have(both of you)and save at the same time.These are just some of the things couples have to do to keep afloat.If that's not what you want,move out and move on.But talk it out first to find out if this is the case.Good luck.

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    Obviously this relationship is not working between the two of you. It's not just him, it takes two to make or break a relationship. Maybe you are better with him as friends but living with someone show's you their real colors. Find a way to get him to move out. His supportive and caring part is hard to see now that you really need his help. Good luck, Laura

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    yikes, no way will i live with a bf like that. just think about it. there is no future with him. erase all u have said about the nagging and all. the worse thing is this, and this is where i see no future with the guy: he wants u to spend out ur money while he keeps his 10 grand in the bank. u know what that means? he is saving it all up for his future wife, and that doesnt include u. THINK!

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    Rent is due in two days...go to nearest strip club and make rent money and fix car money. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Kick boyfriend out. If he doesn't want to help now he won't want to help later. He is a loser.

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    He sounds selfish. Are you sure you want to stay with him? Especially, since he has all of that money in the bank, and is not paying his share. I would think long and hard about whether you want to stay in this relationship.

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    im a guy, but most girl's poat a bluff when they think they are getting treated bad. Do something realistic that will get his attention and make him see your side of the story, don't make it an argument even if he tries to go there. If he loves you he will listen and respond positively.

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  • Here's what you should do....don't pay the rent....move back home....tell him to do the same.

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