To those who believe that Daniel prophesies Jesus.....Do you know who Antiochus IV Ephiphanes is?

Do you know the history of the Maccabees, the persecution of the Jews under Antiochus IV Ephiphanes, and the revolt?

When you know that history, it seems quite obvious that that is what Daniel is about.

Yet many claim it is about the future.

How can you say this, unless you simply don't know the history?


There is good evidence that Daniel was NOT written during the exile.

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    Actually it can be about the past and about the future at the same time. History repeats itself, because mankind does not change and continues in lawlessness. There are countless examples in the Old Testament in which historical events are recorded that have a prophetic (future) significance as well.

    So it's not quite accurate to say that whoever claims Daniel's prophecy relates to the future doesn't know the history of the Maccabees. Actually Orthodox Christians know the Maccabean history quite well, and celebrate the Maccabean martyrs on August 1st every year. But we still know that Daniel's prophecies also relate to the future Second Coming of Christ and many of the events that will occur in the end times.

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    I'm lost.

    Yes I know about Maccabee's and A. Epiph - that is what daniel wrote about a few chapters.

    Daniel was 400 years earlier -captive in Babylon. So the book daniel is about the future

    You are one of the daniel 165 bc group - I believe in more evidence and truth in the 600 bc time frame.

    try this site (not that I 'll convinvce you, truth still is based on faith)

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    Most prophetic passages in the Bible have a dual prophetic meaning: one for the time, and one for the future. Daniel 9's seventy weeks bring us right to the week before Jesus' crucifixion, when Jesus was welcomed with open arms into Jerusalem, on the specific date as fortold by Daniel, the 14th of Nisan.

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    Antiochus IV Ephiphanes does not fit the description of the king you are refering to.

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    That theology standing in what people call preterism.

    It is the belief that the bible is a closed book, in that prophecy as a whole up to the 2nd coming/non rapture will occur.

    It reduces the bible to an historical literature, AND NOT THE LIVING WORD OF GOD AS DESCRIBED IN HEBREWS 4:12

    And in the lives of HIS TRUE BELIEVERS.

    Is It that you are not a bornagain believer, reading from other posts you have made recently?

    Eitherway seek the truth- HE WILL SET YOU FREE.


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    There is a duel meaning the wise will understand its not about Macabbes

    Your opinion is 'okay i can dismiss it now'

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    yes i know who he is. er was. i was reading a little bout hime today. he was one of the worst persecutors of that itme, and the worst untill hitler

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