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Why do people all over the world hate America?

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    If you believe that people " all over the world" hate America, why do you think so many are trying very hard to come here and become one of us?

    I think you are taking the actions of a few people and blowing that up to represent the entire world.

    America is not heaven yet American is not hell. We are simply a population of people who respect the rights of each other and we are ready to fight to see that those rights are not taken away from us.

    America makes mistakes, and because we are so big and because our international involvements are so immense, we are seen as being everywhere and "sticking our noses into things that are not our business." Yet, because we are the world power that we are, other people look forward to our help when they need help,...and in most cases we rush there to help.

    Have you noticed that our history states that a lot of American men were killed helping other countries and have you also noticed that after we win a war, we give our former enemy his country back and then help him to develop it.

    While you are noticing our flaws, try also to notice our merits. The thing that makes America different is our Constitution and the fact that we are made up of people from all over the world, America is a little bit of everywhere.

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    They don't...the news media have inflated the perception that everyone out there hates Americans. It sells more ads and newspapers to claim hate than to claim admiration.

    By going it nearly alone in Iraq, our government irritated a lot of heads of state by what they perceived as a snub by the U.S. Those heads of state, and their political followers, became vocal opponents to our government; often manifest by approved or condoned mob actions in the streets, which the media covered with great glee because it sells. What they did not cover was the overwhelming vast majority of people who stayed home in each instance; that doesn't sell.

    Some factions of the Muslim world, shadow governments within their own countries, let on that they hate us. But in truth, their motivation for terrorism against all nonbelievers, not just Americans, is power...not hate. Each little Imam thinks he ought to be in power and form the world-wide caliphate ruling over all believers. We can see this struggle for control in the sectarian war between Shia and Sunni in Iraq, where the killing and torture are clearly not about Muslim versus Jew and Christian. Yet, the media claim all this conflict is about hate because that is easier to grasp than the true motivation...which is power.

    One more point on why I think people don't hate America. Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq the second time, I traveled and stayed in Paris, Venice, and Rome. In those places, when the media were claiming how much the French and Italians hated us for the invasion, I saw only one graffiti that said anything about Iraq. It said "No war in Iraq."

    One graffiti in countries that are renowned for their graffiti. And it simply said "No war in Iraq"...nothing anti American, just anti war.

    No, people all over the world do not hate America. Immigration, both legal and illegal, is at an all time high. If "people" hated the U.S., that would not be the case; I don't think Sudan has much of an immigration flow for example. People around the world hate what Sudan is doing in Darfur.

    Source(s): Extensive travel and lived overseas in Asia and in Europe.
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    Jealous, America would not be over run with people from most all other countries if they did not want to join us in our land.

    Huge difference between being jealous and hating us for being free, and the rights, a lot of good people has stood their ground to keep this way.

    Unless it is because they can not live (like we have the right to do) as so where they called home or running away from.

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    The answer to your question is quite simple: GET RID OF THE CIA! Throughout history,the CIA has been instrumental in creating,fuelling & supporting terrorists! READ YOUR OWN HISTORY.. and now this President is trying to cover-up the mess his father made when he headed-up the CIA... Look at your past and you will see why this useless war will never end! Remember WAR makes money and controls the population. Wake-up Americans - your doing the same thing you did in Vietnam - killing thousands of innocents, destroying their infrastructure and then leaving their country with nothing!!! As an American, raised in Canada, I am fraught with anger that Canada has entered this useless war - where there will be NO WINNERS!Make sure you don't ****-up when you vote for your next President. Know who you are voting for.

    Source(s): A taxpaying,law abiding,intelligent,caring,compassionate mother.
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    Just look at what we have. Look at your children, or if you are to young, look at what you have. A cell phone, an Ipod, a laptop, a ride to school, fast food or meals at home any time you want one. Most of the world have few of these things, Babies are starving all over the world while American children are getting fatter and fatter. Our government wages war all over the world while our people enjoy satellite television in every room. Our children have no idea what war and hunger is, and I hope they never do, but most of the world live with it from day to day. We just have so much and today's children want more. If you were the rest of the world, wouldn't you hate us too????

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    OH MAN! There are many reasons why. Too long to explain to type here. Don't you know the history of the U.S. of A? Because that is the region of America you are focusing right?

    U.S. of A is notttttttttt AMRICA IT'S PART OF IT. THAT IS WHY IT'S United States OF America

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    Those that hate us usually assume that we support the decisions of our militaristic leaders and the policies of our corporate and financial organizations. Plus we are the largest seller of weapons around the world, use more energy and create more polution per capita than any other country, and arguably think we are better than everyone else..

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    Just those with self lack of knowledge at loss on "The Liberation of Freedom" back in world war two were having problems with communication and misinterpretation with miscommunication and communication failures with communication break-down vital for their own survival being overlook on planet earth.

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    because they are jealous we have the most freedom of just about every country and they want it i hey if there jealous of us then why do they continue to come over and take over just like 9/11 i think that that its pitiful that some country would do this to us. its basically a religous war were in i mean they think that there religon is only one that exists and they want to kill us because we dont believe in there "god".

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    They don't. There's a waiting list to get here, except for the 20 million illegal Mexicans who sneaked in.

    Don't believe what you read in the left wing press. or the America haters on YA. (Like the Arab who answered first).

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