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online friends?

I'm a nightshift worker and I get bored in the middle of the night a lot. My coworker says that she has this online network of friends that she met on the internet that she chats with. Where do I find such friends?


i didnt even see the group thing on here thats great guys...i also put the question up like 5 minutes ago and got a couple of ims. thanks so much

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    Get yahoo messenger, and invite people from 360 to join your buddy list, then you can chat when they are on messenger. I work nights also and am on the computer 90% of the time with my job.

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    hmmm tough question, im not sure, i guess you could just try chatting it up with yahoo instant messanger, theres a lot of chat sights you can go off to even some fourms that you might join. hell you could even find some friends here on yahoo answers.

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    Yahoo has groups find one that interests you and join

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    Count me in!! Though right now I am in chat with U.

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    yahoo messanger, yahoo 360

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    try onchat.com or truechat.com

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    ...it depends are you an interesting person...

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