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i need help in certain skills..?

how do i get better jumps, dribbling, speed, and gameplan mind. any specific exercies for each?? and also lol how do i get taller. im age 15/male/ 5'11'' and i stopped growing for like 8 months now.

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    if ur 15 and 5'11 u got someways to go u'll get taller so dont worry about, u need to condition urself workout run and dribble everyday, play the sport thats how u get better u got play hard get a coach, somethin.... for basketball u kno wut suicides are.. those are real good get some friends that work out wit u, dribble one on one, uh the weave when three pass to each other in a certain order, its better to ask someone in person like a coach or somethin

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    for quick jumping and reaction works the calfs, it is hard but worth it, some special shoes claim to raise your vertical 6-12" in just six weeks. basketball is about quickness more than speed,, which means calf's again. Since most of the time you are not running full speed, you are tyrying to make quick cuts and moves to defend and offend. dribbling is easiest to get good by visualizing defenders, make the hesistations and quick dribbles and between the leg moves that you see good players do. dribbling isn't that important though most good fakes are done with foot work not dribbling, one good example is Dwanye Wade, when he has a defender urned around he makes footwork movs like a reciever to get to the basket.

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    Doing squats will help with the hops and legs culrs will help with your speed as for dribbling just practice. Also be happy you made it to 5'11" at 15yo I'm 5'6" at 27yo.

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    Ask your trainer re the exercises and about getting taller.... ask your Doctor. Iif you stopped growing for good - get on with your life, you're not a midget!!!

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