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What dog breed would be best for me?

I'm a single grad-student with a medium size apartment. I have time to groom once a week and exercise requirements are not a problem since I'm a runner. The most important factor being that I have a lot of friends coming through my apartment so it would have to be a dog that got along well with strange people without jumping all over them.

Note: I'm not really into toy breeds.

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    i would recomend going through a shelter or a local rescue group. many large breed dogs dont require much excercise. we have a greyhound..she is a big couch potatoe. st bernands are very good dogs, great pyrenese, anatolian shepherd and many other large breeds. i would definantly recomend an adult, since you are student and probably dont have much time to housetrain a puppy. also crate training would be a plus.

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    If you are a runner and want a big dog that loves to be around people, has the best temperament, you should get a Labrador. The are the most adorable breed to own. Mind you, running 5 mile a day with lot of retrieve games and attention is something you should be willing to give....

    These dogs dont like to be left alone...so, you have to be sure to not to leave him alone for more than 4-5 hours.

    Deciding to own a Lab means making a serious long term commitment. The Labrador is very people oriented. The Labrador is smart dog, requires very little upkeep. The watch words are few, they are: coat, nails, ears, diet, and exercise.The Labrador has a wonderful temperament

    The Labrador is 'soft mouthed'.

    You will be a very happy dog owner :- )

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    well, you are not into the toy breed, you don't need a big dog that is for sure, so that narrow's it down to a medium, or a small dog.

    Do a search on google, and see what types of dogs are sociable which arent. and what ones will accept more of an apartment life (not needing much of going out doors running)

    Cocker Spaniel


    Rat Terrier


    Boston Terrier

    Are a few that I can come up with that will work for you.

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    You need a retired racing Greyhound...I have two..Their are 1000's of them in rescue groups in every state..They shed very little..Require little grooming.Are certified couch potatoes and just need to be walked to relieve themselves with a coulple of running sprints a few times a week.They are friendly with people, loving, unigue looking and different..They have a personality that is unlike any dog I have ever met and I work at a Shelter with Every breed.They dont jump on people but they WILL claim a favorite chair or couch...pet bed,They are content to stay home for a good while alone as they enjoy to sleep after a run....Greyhounds are Awesome..Please Read up on them!!!! If not a Greyhound get Something froma Shelter or Rescue

    Source(s): Vet Tech @Shelter Owner of 2 Greyhounds, 1 lab,2 Aussie mixes, 1 cockapoo.1 poodle,1 cat and 2 parrots........Plus 100+Shelter Pets
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    Get a shelter mutt. They really do make the best pets. You get lots of "extras" for not a lot of money, and you are saving a life.

    Go to a shelter and talk to the attendants. They spend lots of time with the animals and can show you the perfect dog for you.

    Consider a Boston Terrier. Small yes, Toy no. They don't yap and are VERY active. They do great in apartments with a lot of training and exersize. There are BT rescues, call a veterinarian for the number of a breed rescue in your area.

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    Hi i really like dogs so i think i can help. Ihtink the best dog for you would have to be a Dalmatian as they are friendly dont really need grooming and love to have people around they also love to exercice.

    hope that helped bye =)

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    A Jack Russell Terrier. It's a small dog but it's big on personality.

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    OMG you REALLY have to look into a whippet. they are the coolest dogs EVER and of course they make great converstation pieces because it sounds like "whip it" and lots of people sing the whip it good. but anyway, they're excellent runners, look a LOT like a greyhound except they're about mid-thigh high instead of waist high like a greyhound. they are VERY obedient, love to please you, EASY to train & housebreak, SO LOVING.........did I mention not jumpy??? this makes me miss my whippet so bad. We had one but he died 4 years ago and since then our kids have gotten allergies. I'm serious, none of this malty-poo nonsense. look at whippets.

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    How about a mutt go to your nearest animal shelter theres tons of dogs that need homes.

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