Why do so many people exhibit negative feelings towards Mormons and the Church of Latter-Day Saints?

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    1 decade ago
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    People exhibit negative feelings towards the LDS for the same reasons they exhibit negative feelings about any other group -- either the other group's behaviors and beliefs repulse them or they haven't got their facts straight and are repulsed by what they THINK are the group's behaviors and beliefs. But instead of merely disagreeing with the actions and thoughts of these groups, they direct their sentiments toward the people themselves.

    Some people will point to actual LDS teachings that conflict with their own ideas, while others, not knowing much about the doctrines, will confuse them with the Fundamentalist LDS who practice polygamy -- a practice that many people in this country disapprove of.

  • Probably because most people view it as a cult.

    - Not believing in the trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one)...

    - Being taught that the Father is one God, Jesus is another God and the Holy get my point

    - Taking away from the Holy Bible and using the Book of Mormon

    - Perhaps reading Rev. 22:18-21 will be an eye opener ( great reference tool.

    - Being taught that good Mormon males grow up to become gods

    - Your salvation is based on works and following the book of Mormon, instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    There are many teachings in the Mormon religion that do not go with the Holy Bible. Maybe some of the same terminology but completely different meanings.

    That's probably why so many don't agree with your religion.

    Hope that helps...

    Source(s): "Religions A-Z" James Beverley
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    I would assume because they are something that they don't know enough about and are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. But, my best friend is a Mormon. Best guy I could ever meet and I am not Mormon. But, he understands and has explained alot to me for me to better understand and welcome the differences. Even though at times he does hint that he would like me to try the religon with him more seriously. Lol. Gott'a love him though.

  • Anonymous
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    This a good question since most who hate mormons cliam to be good Christians isn't some thing wrong when god hates the same people you do. and who turned into a hater anyway .wasn't Jesus Christ supposed to be about love one another did God make man in his own image or did man make God into what he wants I like mormons most of them are good people If you really want to learn about mormons go to

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  • Isolde
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    1 decade ago

    How did people treat Jesus and the early Christians? Did they welcome His teachings or did they argue it was against the Bible. Modern day scribes and Pharasees will treat others that believe differently with hatred and violence.

    If you want to know for yourself listen to Conference this Saturday and Sunday.

  • Jay
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    1 decade ago

    Bessides having different levels of heaven, Baptising the dead , and a conflict with the Trinity. Believing one can become a God of his own world if he or she does enough good things in life. These sites should clear up any questions one has that Mormonism is in fact a fallacy.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm baptised in this religion, and I'm no longer in it, becuase there were so many stories that were questioned where the other members just told us to pray on it, instead of answering my questions. Honestly, the reason why this religion is sooo badly marked is because they worship a false prophet (whom is a totally awesome teacher and is wise in his ways), have too many questions unanswered and already has a bad rap from the FLDS and multiple wives theory (which they don't believe in that anymore)

  • Bob L
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    1 decade ago

    The Mormon faith has added to the Bible, which is condemned in Revelation.

    They have preached "another gospel", which is condemned in Galatians.

    They deny the deity of Jesus Christ, which is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and therefore, unforgiveable sin.

    Need more reasons?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tjey call themselves Christians but have beliefs that are directly opposed to basic Christians beliefs - they believe they can be gods through works, they have edited the Bible to fit their beliefs, they believe Jesus was created the same way you and I were, which defies his divinity - follow a book that is not necessary because all was fulfilled in Christ. And they call you if your 10% isn't paid - Not authentic Christianity.

    They are a cult - not Christians in their beliefs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Mormons are very nice people who follow a false prophet and a false gospel. Those two things make me very angry..since those nice people are not saved. They are deceived.

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