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How come I can't walk outside and step into the snow?


Good guess Peter, but I have legs.

Update 2:

Paul, I'm not drunk.

Update 3:

Chrystal.. It's snowed.

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    1) the snow melted when it hit the ground


    2) you are on a boat, the snow fell on the water, and you can't walk on water, with or without snow

    3) the door to the outside is blocked by the snow so you can't step outside at all

    4) the snow is so high it would be like walking into a wall of snow

    5) you don't want to, you don't have suitable shoes,

    6)you are in a place so cold that you could only be outside for 40 seconds or so (Antarctica, much of the year)

    6) the snow has frozen together to be permafrost (Siberia)so you can step on it but not into it.

    7) the snow is so deep you must use snowshoes, again , stepping ON the snow, but not into it.

    8) your mom won't let you

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    Er, well, if you live in a place like Arizona (the lowlands) that might be a little hard to do right now...

    Of course if you live in Siberia it might be easier. Maybe try the North or South Pole, also. Penguins make good neighbors I hear.

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    The snow melted?

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    ur on a space ship looking down at the snow

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because it hasn't snowed in a long time where you live.

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    Technically you cannot really step "into" snow. You can step "onto" snow.

  • MikeY
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    1 decade ago

    You are already outside and up to your ??? in snow?

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    Same reason I can't. It's not snowing. Yay! :-D

    Snowed in?

  • Azul
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    1 decade ago

    because the snow become sleet frozen Ice .. if you step on it you might slip and fall.. or skid

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    Because it hasnt snowed? Because u cant walk? I dont know, but thanks for the points!

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