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Feeding during shed?

I have a 4 month old python going into shed. Its been a week since his last meal and im not sure if i should feed him tonight. If he refuses food, should i wait till his shed is over or should i try to feed him? Also, how long would the shedding process last?

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    more often than not the snake will eat reguardless shedding. It wont hurt to try at all. If he refuses after regular procedure then wait until shedding is over. The shedding period begins when his eyes turn blue and will stay that way for about 4 days, then they will clear up for about 24 hours before he sheds it off. 5-6 days total.

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    Dont feed him when his eyes are milky; they're almost completely blind when they're in "blue". Otherwise, it should be fine. If he refused food, wait a few days, and try again. If he refused food AFTER his shed, try cutting down the size of his meals, and try different techniques for problem feeder, such as braining the mouse, etc.

    Shedding only lasts about a week. First the snake gets dull for a few days, then milky eyes for a day or two, and then they clear up for a day or two, and then they shed.

    Source(s): Mom to one corn snake and one ball python.
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    A week is not a long time for a snake to go without eating. Wait a couple of days after a shed to offer it food again.

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    wait until the shed is over before feeding again. Make sure the eyes are completely shed prior to the feeding, these will sometimes not shed right.

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    You should refrain from feeding, at least until his eyes become clear again...they should be milky looking right now and they usually won't feed when they're like that. Shedding is kind of shouldn't take too long...a couple weeks mabye. Make sure you have a rock or branch that he can rub on to get the skin off.

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    my son's snake won't eat when she is shedding, you should wait until it is through, shedding only takes a day or so

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