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need a literature to correct papers?need a literature to correct papers?

pls i need some one to correct a set of papers that too a harry potter fan

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    What are you talking about?

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    thank you for the thrilling qn. i think of Richard, bubbles and twomaro coated the subject be counted good and that i could say it extremely is dazzling to hitch an business enterprise it fairly is so honest in that it extremely is in develop whilst it has to redefine portion of scripture, that it extremely is executed immediately and concentrated. we at the instant are not speaking approximately burning human beings on the stake yet in many situations small factors that are further to easy according to probability mutually with historic information, archeology, a manuscript that sheds easy on a be attentive to translation or the like. could I ask what your faith believed in the time of that's historic past and how it has corrected factors of understanding? continually thrilling to envision all diverse religions historic past..... I spend a great number of time learning and do many persons, not basically guides from our own denomination yet additionally different variations, encyclopedias and historic writings. basically a small blunders above in spite of the indisputable fact that... our chief is the Son of God, not the dominion corridor and the bible is our authority

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