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science question?

carbon is the basis of life on earth. what other chemical might be the basis of life elsewhere in the univers that is on the periodic table.

also, what is more like to react, an o2 molecule or a single o atom

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    Another possibilities are silicone base life. Since silicone have same electrovalance as carbon and can form bonds with O, as well as other element, there is a possibilities of a silicone lifeform. However if such life exist, it will have a totally different metabolic pathway than normal lifeforms. Source of energy for such creature will also greatly differ.

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    A single o atom has a stronger charge than o2, so I'd say an o. You will find almost no o atoms floating around alone out there.

    Many other elements "could" be the basis for life, but they would require much more energy than carbon does.

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    Well, I'm going to answer your second question first. In chemistry terms, the natural states of Oxygen are O2 (air) or O3 (ozone).

    Ozone is created naturally in the upper atmosphere as a by-product of lightning in the air. It is one of the few reactions between o2 molecules.

    Single oxygen atoms are only created as part of chemical reactions, meaning that they only exist after something has reacted with oxygen compounds, usually water (h2o), air (o2) or an acid compound (-oh).

    Reactions of both types happen every day, right in your own body. Your lungs convert o2 to co2. Your stomach breaks down foods with acids.

    Technically, it falls to the o2 molecule, as it is more prevelant in nature.

    Secondly, in response to your first question, it is theoretically possible that life could develop with other basic elements, although it is unlikely that those elements would exist in quantities greater than the ammount of carbon availible in those hypothetical environments.

    The most likely candidates would be elements in the same elemental "group," or column of the periodic table. The most likely element is silicon, as it would react in similar ways as carbon, especially under different pressure and temperature conditions.

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    Carbon is the basis of life because of its properties, having been developed on another planet would not change the element's properties, though a life, if one does exist on some other sort of planet, and if the atmosphere is substantially different from ours, which I suspect it wouldn't be since life would require very specific parameters, then the creatures could certainly look different, but they would also be carbon based.

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    Silicone has the same valence as carbon. So there is a possibility for silicone based life. Indeed most actresses are proof.

    Anyway, did you know chlorophyll exsists in both blue and green forms. How wierd would it be to have blue plants, like grass.

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    how about Hydrogen and Oxygen

    the three elements (C, H & O) are the most basic content on earth.

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    Thorium. I mean, look at the superhero Thor!

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    O2 WITH H -----> H2O WATER


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