what is bony infarction and how to diagnose it?

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    Bony infarction is the consequence of the blood supply to the bone or a part of it getting interrupted. It commonly happens subsequent to a fracture in which the blood vessels get torn or interrupted. It may also happen innocuously sometimes as with the femoral head in young boys. Diagnosis unfortunately is delayed as there is no way to properly assess the degree of infarction at the time of injury. If the degree of infarction is severe right from the time of injury, it may result in gangrene and death of the part and would therefore become obvious soon enough by the part turning blue/black, increased pain and swelling. However, most of the times the diagnosis is delayed when it comes to the notice by a check X-ray taken about a fortnight or three weeks later. Treatment is always difficult and replacement is the answer.

  • Sequestrum is a dead part of the bone. It is a complication of fracture,malignancy osteomyelitis or vascular obstruction .. Plain x-ray is diagnostic. Sequestrectomy is the treatment of choice. Where sequestrectomy is not possible the treatment is symptomatic.

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    Do you mean a bone fracture? What are you talking about?

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