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Today at work I was robbed at gun point, am I eligible for workers comp or even unemployment if I resign?

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    When I was 17, I was robbed at work, with the gun pressed into my temple. Stop trying to make free money off of the situation and be glad you weren't shot. Grow a pair and move on.

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    Would not be eligible for unemployment if you voluntarily resign. I would call a worker's comp ombudsman to find out what you would likely be eligible for if you needed counseling or something. you would need to file a claim through your employer first. Find out who your worker's comp insurance carrier is. It should be posted on the wall in the workplace somewhere.

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    Yes you are eligible for workers comp, unemployment, even a claim of induced-stress while being a dumn ***.


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    I think you should get workmans comp for pain and suffering, or even trauma. I feel that's a good reason to resign, I would. And I think under the circumstances you should be able to get unemployment. It should be considered a hazardous job.

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    If you are under the care of a psychiatrist because of this incident and have proof of a disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder, then you will be eligible for woker's comp. Otherwise, you are eligible for neither worker's comp nor unemployment.

  • Only if a doctor informs you that for the sake of your health, you need to resign. You will get workman's comp, but not unemployment. You would also be eligible for social security disability.

    I think that you would need to see a therapist, and they would have to state in writing that you would no longer be able to ever work again for you to do that. That is something that is very hard to do.

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    You would not be eligible for workman's comp unless you had all intent and purpose of returning after a short leave of absence due to substantiated circumstances. You also have to have been employed at the company for at least 6 months with no suspensions.

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    If you call and make an appt with a counselor thru a program your employer may have set up, in order to show you have emotional distress, you probably can.

    Did you report it to the police? That's the KEY to it all.

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    I would think that the stress trauma would be covered by comp and that you could get unemployment.I know I wouldn't want to stay in a place that could happen in. I would fight for both and probably severence pay to tide you over until enemployment started!Best wishes!!

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    No. You have to be physically or mentally injured so that you are otherwise unable to work. If you resign you VOLUNTARILY QUIT. Voluntarily quitting eliminates workers compensation. It also seriously penalizes you for unemployment benefits you might otherwise be able to recieve (though not likely!).

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