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Can I legally upload CDs I own onto my computer? If so, can I then put those songs onto my MP3 player?

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    As long as you bought the CD, you have every right to do this.

    In fact, sony or bgm, or one of the other giant music companies got busted for adding in coding on cd's to make it impossible to copy. They did this to a few artists cd's and the artists themselves complained non-stop about this abuse, and ended up having to recall the cd's, or at least pull them from the shelves.

    Music companies are getting way too uptight these days, does no one remember the 80's when tape trading was as popular as mp3 trading is today???

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    Well, it may not be a question of your right to do it (which you have every right) but the ability to do it. As a previous user stated many CDs restrict everything you do to/with them.

    If you rip the CD and try to Sync it to an MP3 player, you must use Windows Media Player if the file is content protected. Windows Media Player will copy the license file from you Digital Rights Management folder onto your MP3 player. Some MP3 players may not support this.

    If you MP3 player has "Windows Media Plays For Sure" it should work without an issue.

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    yes, its definately quite legal to use music from cds that you own... to put on your computer AND to use on your mp3 player... cuz that way you buy the cd & the ipod :)

    good job consumer!

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    Yes it's legal. Download the free software from I-tunes and you can download them to your MP3.

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    Of course, you bought it. . .you own it.

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