Am I a stalker or trying to reconnect?

It's been 10 years since I've seen him. I knew him casually through work. He was a package delivery guy and always came to me to sign for it (passing through a department of 5 other women). We developed a friendship and had some alone time outside of the job. I had a b/f he had a g/f but I always felt very comfortable with him and we had a little flirtatious thing going. We lost contact because he left his job, his cell phone, etc. I've been thinking about him and I found his address and number but afraid to call. What if he's married. I'm thinking of sending a birthday card. Is that weird or stalker like?

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    You should send him a B-day card. He'll be flattered that you thought about him. Who knows he could be thinking about you too. The only way to find out is to reconnect with him and give it a try.

    Good Luck.

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    I would have a male friend call and if a lady answers, have your friend to ask a few questions, that might give you some answers. Then, if he is married or with someone forget it. He maybe alone too,. never know till you try. I recently ran into an old friend, and it was funny we both thought about looking each other up at the same time but he thought I was married and I thought he was, now it;s too late, as he remarried, and is doing very well, but we both agreed had we got in touch then we would prob. would be together today. So I lost out.

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    Sometimes we tend to make things what they are not. If you are curious, then why not? send him a card and see what happens. You might be surprised to see that he has lost most of his hair and gained about 80 lbs. This happened to me w/ my first boyfriend. He was drop dead gorgeous (we were 15-16ish)...after about 10 years, I went back home and saw him, and man, was it a let down. I kept fantasizing about this gorgeous man and he turned out to be a middle aged, unattractive, married dork. Worse thing is, he did the same w/ his memories of me. Of course I am still gorgeous, so he kinda stalked me for the 2 weeks I was in town, but what can you do? the fantasy was good while it lasted though....

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    I'd call him before mailing something, finding someones address is kinda creepy but just calling to reconnect might be ok, just to see how he's doing. Don't try to jump into a relationship with him yet though, see how he reacts, if he's married or seem's creeped out then that'll be the end of it. I'd say calling and being like "Hi remmeber me? I know it's been realy long but I'm sorry we lost touch and I just wanted to see how things were going" etc. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sending a birthday card is weird. Give him a call and catch up with him. That's what I'd do. Just make sure you don't start sitting outside of his house watching his comings and goings. THAT would be stalkerish.

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    STALKER. You've romanticized him after ten years, and you both don't look the same. He's probably married with two kids.

    Leave him alone. Bet you won't, since you've built him up in your mind so bad you can taste him.

    The internet can be a bad thing. Ew.

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    Nah, you don't sound too stalkerish to me. Is there a less confrontational way to reconnect with him? Say, E-Mail, or on a Myspace account or something? I would try that first, before you send a card.

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    Doesn't sound like stalking to me. Send him a card as an old friend ask him to call you so you can catch up

  • 1 decade ago

    definately stalker like and a way to get yourself fired, it goes againsts all protocol and the public privacy policy in place for every business.

    i wouldn't do it if i were u. somethings just aren't meant to be. if it is then u will find eachother another way.

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    its natural to be curiouse. I think the birthday card is a good idea. Its simple and not intrusive but you might settle your curiosity.

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