Christians, how do you remain thankful and hopeful when things seem hopeless?


Metroid, more desperate than the juvenile longings Christians have for a savior is your own conceit in a world void of meaning. I am familiar with Freud, Sartre, Camus and most any other legitimate intellectual's ideas you can plagiarize. So spare me your education on religion and stop pretending to know what other's believe.

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    By knowing that this is God's world, that he loves me, that he will care for me, and that nothing happens without his permission. God's will, will be done. Things that appear awful are not always what they seem. I place all my hope in the Lord, and fully believe that he will return. I hope in his justice and mercy.

    I wish I could speak to your particular situation instead of talking in generalities, because generalities sometimes are less comforting than specifics. They may seem glib to someone who is undergoing something very difficult.

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    We know that things will always come contrary to us. This has been told by our Lord. As long as this world is under the control of the lord of the world (satan) we trust in our God and seek his help in such situation. Then we find Gods blessing in the midst of such situation.

    This is what called Christian life.

    Christian life is not just a pass time and sport.

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    its hard, trust me... way hard... no one ever said it was going to be easy.

    When things seem hopeless, that's when you pick up your bible, and you pray, keep praying... he is always there annnd going to listen to you. But don't just sit there and feel sorry for yourself...

    do you remember when daniel got thrown in the lion pit? That must have been a totally hopeless situation, but it wasn't, he prayed to God, annnd God didn't let one of those lions even scratch daniel...

    When i feel like things are hopless... I do things for others to get my mind off it... it makes me feel good. And then you are worrying about other ppl rather than yourself....

    christianity is about being selfless... I mean at least you aren't starving in some 3rd world country... your lucky. =]

    God bless!!


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    I think of the times things were hopeless in my life without Christ and compare that to now that I do have Christ.And I will choose hopeless with Christ over good without Him anytime.I never want Christ out of my life again.Praise my Lords Holy Name.Thanks for the reminder.

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  • I have great hope...

    I remain thankful because of the many gifts, talents and blessings the Lord has given me. I don't dwell on what I don't have...I am thankful for what I do have!

    My hope is in Jesus Christ. No matter what I am going through, He is there.

    "Sometimes, He will quiet the storm. Other times, He will stand beside me while we ride it out..." ((Praise You In This Storm)) - Casting Crowns

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    It's called faith. It's the "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Heb.)." God has a reputation for letting things get really bad before He comes in and fixes it. He does that to show us how bad He really is. His strength is made perfect in weakness. What better way to show power than to show it in a place where there is none to be found?

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    In general, I'm not sure that I know. It's true, though. Perhaps it is the Holy Spirit that gives me such joy and peace. Why would I not be thankful? Why would I not be hopeful? Even if death is certain, I anticipate great things!

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    keep on going knowing the world will be remade one day by I was so down being unemployed and I prayed and i asked God to let me see Herbert...he is the bunny who lives in my yard...hes so adorable and sure enough there he was an hour later. Usually only see him once every two weeks. My Lord Jesus created him and I talk to him. He knows he is safe in my yard..

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    What seems hopeless? I have a wonderful life, wonderful children, and a wonderful job. Maybe you are hopeless beacuse you lack god inyour life. Something to think about.

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    i just remember that there is more to this life. because of Christ, my life on earth has a purpose and additionally, i believe i will have another life after this that will last forever. if i didn't believe in Christ, i think i would have no hope because everything in this world is meaningless.

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