what must you have legaly to start your own small buisness?

(ex. a small pizza shop in the downtown corner)

age requirement?

high school diploma?

certain education? (if i HAVE to)

requirements for lease?

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    business license, dba[ doing business as],tax id #, employer's id number,

    to get a business license go to city hall [city you are operating the business] and ask for a business license, fill out the form , pay a Fee and you have it.

    to get dba, go to the county clerks office and ask for dba application, they will give you the paperwork and it will explain the things you need to do

    to get tax id# and employer's id # contact IRS and they will send you the paperwork you need, fill it out and return to them

    next thing to do is start your business and go from there

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    You need to be legally old enough to sign enforceable contracts and bank documents - that's 18. For the rest, you are not required by law to have specific degrees or diplomas, but of course, training or background in business management and financias would be highly recommended. For specific information on starting a small business, see the wealth of resources at the Small Business administration website http://www.sba.gov

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    To start your own business, all you need is an idea, and a little bit of money.

    You must, of course, incorporate.

    In 3 weeks, a new website will be coming on line that has everything a small business owner will need to get started:


    It should be up and running by Oct. 16th. Here is another website to get you started right now:


    good luck.

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    usually a person to be the proprietor and equipment for the business

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