ALL RELIGIONS please answer. What does "GOD" mean to you? How do you define "god"?

I was talking with my kid earlier about different religions and their concept of "god", and became curious. I would like to know what constitutes "a god" or "the God" in your religion. What differentiates "God" (or goddess, if you have those) from, say, and angel or a djinn or a fairy or a superhero?

I would especially like to hear from polytheists on this question. How do you define "this character is a god", from "this character is not a god"?

Atheists, besides "fairy tale character", what would y ou expect to find in somebody claiming to be God? I want you to work for your 2 points this time!

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    God is both immanent and transcendant. He is sovereign, but permits us free will to shape our own futures. He created all things, including disasters, Satan, absolutely everything. He walked with humanity in the garden of Eden, and again as Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago. He dwells in our spirits now as the Holy Spirit. This is the God in three Persons mystery called the Trinity. God is the Uncaused Cause to which all things can trace their beginnings.

    Hebrews 11:6 And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

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    Buddhists do not believe in a God.

    That said, I'd be a fool not to see how a belief in God helps people and is a very valid path toward spirituality.

    Belief in a creator is very powerful in inspiring the development of self discipline and becoming a good person with a sense of love and forgiveness and devotion to the ultimate creator or God.

    That may be a little too analytical (I don't mean it that way) but that is what 'God' means to me.

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    God is the supreme being All things comes from God through prayer, if it's for you God will definitely provide it for you God is a spirit that rules the universe he is the source of all life ps 36:9 God is righteousness ps 7:9 God is most of all a God of love 1 john 4:8 God is my focus my center my every way of life without my God in my life I shall definitely perish I personally strive to walk in the way that is pleasing to him, and that is in Love With the way things are in this world Pray is ever and even more important that you incorporate in your life

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    I agree with you as a parent myself. I do not attend a church of any religion. Perhaps every religion is right in some form or fashion.You believe in what you feel is right.Don't let anyone "FORCE THEIR"beliefs on you.I feel like that is the reason for diversity. You live your life the way you feel is right. Although I don't know if there is a "god" or if that's his name, I do believe that there is a "De vine Being" of some kind. You can't look at your children and not believe that you were blessed.

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    I am going by you first question What does God mean to you? God is my best buddy I talk to him about anything and I know he is there when everyone else has gone he is teacher my comforter he is my everything and even though I can't see him I have faith that he is always their for me. I define God as my bestfriend in the galaxy!

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    I am Deist. I believe in a creator, I usually refer to this entity as The Great Architect. I do not believe in organized (revealed) religion and subscribe to no holy books or tenets of any particular faith. Some Deists believe that the Architect intervenes in some human affairs, I stand with those who do not believe that to be the case.

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    As in islam, the concept of creator. Allah is the one who is from ever and he will be ever, nobody is from ever except Allah, and nobody will be for ever execept Allah, all the creations are dependent on Allah, Allah is not dependent on any of the creations . Allah is the sole creator of the universe , all the creations can do nothing with out the will of Allah, Allah can do everything with out all the creations. The will of Allah is existence and reality

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    We are god dreaming we're not God

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    creator of the heavens and earth and all between.He is one ,He does not beget nor was He begotten,and nothing...nothing can compare unto Him.islamic perspective.

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    Sorry, there is no god in my dictionary.

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