I have trouble believing in God. I want to believe, but I'm afraid I may be wrong. What should I do?

What can I do, or what have you done that's helped you believe in God? I feel that I'm close, but something is still holding me back.

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    I'm not sure what is behind your fear of being wrong - are you afraid that you may seem foolish to others? But imagine how foolish you will seem, when you have to stand before Him, if there is a God and you have not believed in Him.

    Every person is unique (actually, this is a mystery of God's creation), so there is really no specific "method" that someone can teach you to help you believe. It really depends on you. Prayer is always a big help - but if you don't believe already, it's hard to really pray sincerely.

    But think about this: those who don't believe in God the Creator would have us believe that the universe and all that is in it is random - something that happened by accident and will eventually pass into oblivion or be recycled. But search within yourself. Do you feel that you are nothing? That you are destined to vanish without a trace? Or do you feel something in yourself that is more than just a random clash of molecules? Do you feel a sense of eternity within yourself? Do you feel a sense that you ARE someone? If so, then you are hearing the voice of God within you - and this is reason enough to believe.

    There is a major scientific principle called "entropy". I'm sure you must have heard of it. Basically the second law of thermodynamics says that all things tend towards the lowest state of energy, which is also the highest degree of disorder. This is an empirical observation from the physical world. It is something science has proven and that underpins many of the scientific theories of how things came into being.

    I am not arguing against science, because it definitely has its place and can be very useful if it is not exalted beyond its real purpose and significance. But ask yourself this: if all things - according to the laws of thermodynamics - tend towards disorder and chaos, then how is it that such a complex, highly evolved and high-energy state as life (whether one-celled or highly advanced, such as human society) came to be? Can those who refuse to believe in God have their cake and eat it too? On the one hand claiming that we should listen to whatever science tells us, and on the other hand claiming that (contrary to the science behind it) the existence of man is an accident of nature?

    These are intellectual and philosophical arguments to be sure - but maybe they will have some resonance with you. I hope so. The point is, if you have trouble believing in God, you must also have trouble believing in yourself - in your own worth as a person, and in anyone's worth as a person. Because without God who created, sustains and loves us, what is the meaning of personhood? If we are just whisps of cosmic dust that accidentally bumped into each other in the "wrong" way and -- *poof*! -- changed into a living being randomly and with no one causing it, then what is the meaning or purpose of life, love, humanity, dignity and all the things that make your heart feel full and alive and willing to love?

    The things that have meaning are based on love and are eternal. And those are things that come from God. If it doesn't come from God, and is just a random event that happened in the universe, then it cannot have true meaning because it will pass away again, back into nothingness.

    These are the reasons why you should believe in God. And if you are wrong? Well, if you are wrong, there is no reason for anything, so what does it matter? But you are not wrong, and deep down you must know it because your heart must be telling you so.

    One last word on this topic. If you notice what the atheists say - their reasons for their lack of belief all boil down to one thing: their great egotism. They cannot conceive of something greater than themselves, and would rather reduce themselves and all of creation to nothing, instead of admitting that their is something (or Someone, rather) infinitely greater than themselves. Notice the way they are always challenging for some rationalistic (or pseudo-rationalistic) proof? What they are really saying is, "if there is a God, he should come to me and prove his existence". And if you read between the lines, you will realize that they are also saying within themselves (whether or not they even realize it) that they will be the judge of whether or not God is really God. So the creature judges the Creator. This is the meaning of the line in the Psalm that says: "...and prevail when thou art judged".

    Well, I hope this gives you some food for thought. I hope you will give room to what your heart tells you is right.

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    1 decade ago

    If you believe out of guilt then you should not believe at all. But stop yourself now, if you don't believe then you are on the right path. God is not a thing that demands you believe or else! It is values, ideas and virtues. Peace, love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness. This is what god offers to you, believe in those virtues you KNOW they exist, you have felt them at one point or another. Buddhists believe that god cannot be explained, they believe that god is not something you believe

    in, or worship, but instead something you experience. The experience of god is called enlightenment. I know many Christians will disagree with me, but think about this, if you believe in the virtues that I spoke of then aren't you close to god anyway? How many people do you know believe in him but are not good people. So don't worry about believing or not believing, just trying to be the best person you can be everyday will make any god proud.

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    1 decade ago

    First, consider: why do you want to believe in god? Do you think that believing in a Big Daddy in the sky is going to help you cope with the vicissitudes of life? A lot of people are believers for just that reason: it's a vehicle to lay off the guilt when s--t happens, as it des to everyone from time to time. If not that, is there some other reason? Noted Catholic theologian Hans Kung, in a huge book entitled Does God Exist, examined the matter in mind-boggling detail, and ultimately concluded that there is no objective means of discerning whether God does or does not exist. For different reasons, I agree. Correspondingly, I choose not to increase the clutter of my somewhat disorganized brain by adding concepts which are demonstrably useless.

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    The only thing thats holding you back from believing in God is yourself because you dont want to be believing in something that doesnt exist. I know, I used to feel that way when I was younger. Whenever I found myself in a problem, I went to God. I would just sit in my room laying on my bed and just talk, just like u would think to urself. It would make me feel so much better and when I asked for help or advice I would receive it. Not directly but later on I would notice that he did and continues to help me. God is real. And you will see that... Just dont be afraid

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    One website will really inspire you and help you realize that God truly does exist and He is knocking at the door of your heart right now. Go to www.everystudent.com and read the articles they have there, beginning with the one entitled "Is There A God?" All of the articles that follow it are extremely inspirational.

    And don't listen to all of these people who are trying to steer you away from the Lord. Because think about it. By becoming a Christian you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I will pray for you. Take care, and God bless you.

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    just be agnostic, agnostics believe there may or may not be a god, you're not sure.

    in order to grow as a person both mentally and spiritually one must be completely honest with ones self, you must learn to be okay with not being sure.

    I believe there is a god or some kind of supernatural universal being, I just don't know the details, but that's fine, I don't have to know the details, just live a good life and be fair and open-minded.

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    Pray to God that He would reveal His truth to you. God promises if you seek, you will find. And God never says anything idly. I also pray that your seeking will be rewarded, that He will show you the truth, the life and the way.

  • Midge
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    1 decade ago

    Talk to him---say Lord, I believe but, help me in my unbelief (he knows exactly what you mean). He will show you and then you will have no doubt so do not be afraid of God. Be afraid and very afraid of the one who can coax you into hell.

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    You either believe in God or you don't. There is nothing you need do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have faith...pray to Heavenly Father in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, that you may find out the truth.

    Just remember that God will answer, and will be in his own due time...not anyone else's...but I'm guessing He is strongly desiring for you to find the truth.

    Remember that it is Satan that created your fear of knowledge. Have faith in Jesus Christ...and the truth will set you free, from fear, and Satan's grasp.

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