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Ladies! What do you think of this type of behavior?

Yesterday, I was eating dinner with a close friend. A college girl of about 20 and her friend were sitting a couple of tables away from us. She was a fairly pretty girl, with an athletic build. I was talking to my friend and eating, but it was difficult to concentrate, because this girl and her friend were loud giggly types. After awhile I overheard this girl recounting her day at soccer practice. She said that during practice she ripped a huge high pitched fart (gross). She said that she thought she messed her pants. So she preceded to pull her shorts and panties back to try to see if she had. She couldn't tell, so she kept holding her panties back and got one of the girls on the team to look down her drawers and see if she had pooped herself (nasty!). These girls were laughing hysterically as if this type of behavior wasn't out of the norm. For one I didn't know ladies of her age had accidents? Secondly, I thought ladies didn't talk about such rude behavior? Fill me in girls!

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    omg that is so gross. Its one thing to tell your friend everything, i have friends that i tell stuff like that to, but quite another to do it in a public place (eating establishment nonetheless) loud enough for others to hear. i probably would have flagged down a waiter and said something because that is the last thing i want to hear while i am eating. Plus i would have excused myself and went to the bathroom...if that happened to me and i HAD ended up pooping myself i sure dont want someone else looking at it!

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    This unfortunate encounter simply proves that some of us received good training at home and some of us did not. You are correct in stating that this was rude (gross & nasty) and no, it is not normal behavior for young ladies. Accidents do happen, but only if you have a problem such as illness or weak muscle tone. She most likely had neither.

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    I hate when a guy hits on you and then can't take a hint that you're not interested. I also hate when they try to get your number but when you turn then down they start insulting you like "I didn't want to talk to your @ss anyway!" Just because of a hurt male ego they feel the need to be disrespectful to boost it back up :I If I'm at the gas station, I'm there to get gas dammit. I'm not obligated to take anyone's number or start up a conversation lol.

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    How odd. They must be very immature 20 year olds. I was 20 once myself (quite a while ago) and I know I did not talk like that; especially in public. They sound as if they are 10 year old boys by their behavior. If I had a daughter who was that immature and ill mannered, I would be afraid to send her off to college on her own. It is amazing that she found another young woman who was her equal in maturity. Makes you wonder what the two are majoring in doesn't it?

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    Sounds like those girls were just trying to get some attention. Being very immature. That behavior is ridiculous, and very annoying when trying to have a conversation. In my opinion, it maybe ok to talk about that subject with a close friend, but very quietly, or take it to the bathroom!

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    So you had an encounter with a laddette did you? Well there are plenty of them around - and I have met 'em in their 80's and 90's.

    I am sure it did you no lasting damage.

    People are all different - just because I may not choose to behave like that I would not judge anyone else. She was probably just showing off because you were there - maybe your're a hunk and you brought out her naughty side..

    All the best, :-( xxx

  • Girls are pretty much as gross as guys, but MATURE girls have a tendency to be a little more discreet. She either was trying to get attention drawn to herself, by her friends and the surrounding people, or she is simply unable to censor herself. Why she would want the world to know she shat herself is beyond me...

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    LADIES DON'T!!!!!!!!

    Obviously, mommy and daddy failed to teach the girl manners or the girl failed to learn them!

    Isn't it sad many parents don't care about etiquette training anymore? Sadder still, many who were taught right choose to ignore those teachings and embarrass their parents. If one of mine pull a stunt like that, even when they're in their fifties, momma's gonna "rip a huge, high pitched new one" for them!!

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    Sounds hilarious. You're only young once. Lighten up a little. If you don't like the conversation you can always ask them politely to keep it down or you can ask for a new table.

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    Remember we are all humans

    If boys can do it, so can girls...It's just in ones personality and I'm sure if they (the girls) talk to each other like this they must be real close to one another to be having a conversations like that..And if you didn't like there conversation, then you fall into the more conservative types as most of us do...Just ignore it and always remember we are all created equal.

    Source(s): And yes it is nasty, but maybe just maybe they knew you where listening to them, so maybe just maybe they wanted to turn you off...Like I said just maybe...
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