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My daughter's friend is moving away this weekend. What is appropriate to do?

Hello. My 6 year old daughter's friend from school is moving to Chicago this weekend. My daughter is very upset about this and would like to do something for her friend. She made a beautiful card tonight to give to her tomorrow at school. Letting her know that she will miss her but is excited for her because she is going to get to meet new friends. She has asked me to buy an expensive toy to give her friend and I told her that she already has too much stuff to move and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to get her something big. I was really thinking... Are you nuts?! :) Anyway, I would think that the card is "good enough" but, my daughter really wants to do something more. Can anyone give me an idea that is not over the top and yet would help my daughter and her friend through this transition? I should add that they are friends only at school. They haven't phoned or played outside of school. Thanks!!! I appreciate your help!!! God bless!

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    My best friend moved away when i was 8. Her mom bought us both really cute stationary so we could write letters to each other. Cute paper, envelopes, a box and neat pens. They aren't to expensive and it's a very thoughtful gift that they can use to communicate with each other.

    p.s.-It's awesome that you would put so much into you're daughter's feelings on this. As I said, HER mom bought if for us. My mom just said' these things happen' It would mean so much to her. Obviously, 14 years and I still remember it.

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    I really liked Effie's answer. If they are good friends, how about checking with the other girls' parents and taking them out for lunch somewhere fun before they move?? I would take a camera along, take a bunch of pics, and send some with her and let your daughter keep some as well. This way they can remember their last day together, and with the writing, hopefully keep in touch for a while.

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    Sweet. pre-address a few envelopes with your address, a stamp & a few blank sheets of paper & also enclose a picture of your daughter, or if possible, a picture of the both of them. That way the girl moving can draw a cute picture of her new place & send it to your daughter. They are young & will most likely lose touch, but it is teaching your daughter to think of others & the value of friendship.

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    lady, awaken. he's no longer being honest, he's merely quite strong at hiding what's quite happening. They met at your domicile once you've lengthy gone off to paintings, and they get to paintings previous due? What do you imagine that they were doing? "additionally they went to breakfast and a movie and went in to paintings previous due some weeks in the past" They pick to spend each and every of the time mutually - "They sit down next to one yet another at paintings, pass to lunch mutually, exercising consultation mutually, and typically they pass to the bar after paintings mutually or play video games at our domicile until eventually quite previous due at evening." Then she " has been coming over interior the morning to wake him up and he or she has also been getting my three hundred and sixty 5 days previous waiting besides." so she's already performing like your replace, mutually with his co-operation. Why won't be able to your man or woman husband attempt this for himself? He showers her with interest on your vacation? "He invited her to come back stay at a motel and on-line casino with us..he actually begged her to pass...He also paid for her beverages and her food....they did not come upstairs until eventually 8am that morning...something of the day he spent many of the time with her.... he left me interior the room with our daughter... and change into sitting through her...strolling with her anyplace we went." All that shows the position his interest, his concentration is, and it wasn't with you or your toddler. Then there is "some human beings have made comments to me about how close they're and stated i keep and eye on them" so its no longer your mind's eye that this "friendship" is going over the obstacles. And even as a pair "....were arguing at the moment (no longer about her) and that i trust like he has been spending further and extra time with her... " possibilities are intense there is a few guilt/mistrust on the basis of it. and that i imagine its with strong reason.

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