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whats your name i will pick best answer for the prettiest!!!!?

i luveeee original names!


my name is hannah at the time my parents named me that it wasnt a very commen name like it is today

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    My name is Autumn (yes, like the season). I was actually born in the Spring but my parents happen to love the fall season. Ironically I have terrible allergies during the Autumn, so It's not my favorite season at all.

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    Cassie Nicole' Hunter-Snow its the french meaning my husbands name is Simon Warren hunter-Snow and I have 2 children Toby Alberte and Apricot Marie and a about to be born Celeste Minerva

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    Amy name is Clinton roman Eastwood Cr*** I going to be named Josiah Alias Cr**** but my grandmother said she would call me no name due to the alias middle name. My grandfathers name was roman and my others favorite actor was Clint Eastwood.

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    My name is Italia Antoinette Capprezitto

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    My name is Cheryl. I have a twin sister her name is Caryl. My Dad spelt it with a y to match my name.

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    Jesika Eileen

    Eileen was after my great grandma

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