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Doesn't anyone care about the innocent people in Guantanamo?

I have a strong suspicion that some of the detainees in Guantanamo will eventually be judged innocent after the courts-martial or military tribunals get underway.

What does the U.S. executive and legislature plan to do to compensate the men who turn out to have done nothing wrong, but who have been punished severely and deprived of basic rights - rights that even a serial killer in the U.S. court system would be able to exercise?

I wonder whether Osama bin Laden's driver really deserves less consideration - as a human being - than, say, Terry Nichols. And, given the relative amount of misery caused, whether some illiterate member of the Taliban should be accorded less status than Andrew Fastow.

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    It is truly shocking, depressing, and foreboding that so many Americans not only don't care that innocent people are being tortured and killed in their name, but that so many Americans are actually EXCITED that people are being tortured and killed in their name.

    My father was a career Navy man - he died unexpectedly this year only a few days after saying, "I don't think I will live to see my country get back on track." When he was in the service, upholding the constitution was something he was proud to do. We lived all over the world, and people loved us and welcomed us.

    This bodes ill for our soldiers in future conflicts, but mostly it bodes ill for the future of human rights, when the leading champion has decided its too busy to care what the lying, thieving, torturing, murdering madman in the white house is doing.

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    The White House certainly doesn't care! Why should they? The people detained at Gtmno are deemed 'enemies of the state' & the government can do with them what it wishes, within it's own self made boundaries. (doesn't this smack of the regiem that the US is trying, still, to over-throw??)

    Here's an idea: can the innocent sue the White House for unfair imprisonment? I know that they're talking about a bit of compensation for these guys, but where are all the lawyers that seem to appear from nowhere when there's a cause that might get them a few inches of column space?

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    Some several thousand have already been sent back to their native countries and I understand many of them ended up in prison in their own countries. These men were all captured on a battlefield in either Iraq or Afghanistan. They were carrying firearms and were trying to kill American soldiers. None of them were in uniform. This makes them terrorists not military. They are not citizens of the United States and are therefore not entitled to the rights granted to citizens of the US.They are not going to have court marshalls just the tribunals and I am sure many more will be sent to their native lands to receive whatever punishment their own countries will give them. Perhaps you should remember that they would kill you given even half a chance.

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    I find it sickening how GW and The Islamic factions treat POWs for lack of a better term. It amazes me and also makes me sick how this self-righteous hillbilly thinks he can ridicule and disregard the Geneva Convention all together and it's ok, but this is also the same moron who thinks it's all right to spy on others. There will be no compensation to any detainees, they will look at it as the spoils of war and tell them to get over it. Islamic people are being type casted into being killers because of the actions of a few....and that's wrong...they should be afforded the same rights and amenities that serial killers and American terrorists are allowed. It is truly sad and disgusting....

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    I feel it is very important that the Guantanamo prisoners are given the rights they should get as POWs under the Geneva Conventions. And I think they are currently being treated exactly as spelled out in the Geneva Conventions.

    The GC says explicitly that POWs may be held without cause until the end of the conflict as long as they are fed, sheltered, given medical attention if needed, etc. I know personally someone from the IRC who had visited as a nurse and she said that mentally and physically all of them were in acceptable shape.

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    What kind of American accepts detention with charges and trial? What kind of traitor to our constitution defends what's happening there?

    It's wierd to read that people think the guantanamo prisoners are from battlefields. What a strange thing that Americans will accept all the baloney Bush throws at them, when over and over and over he is revealed to be a liar.

    Many of the men at Gitmo were sold into that slavery by rival tribes members. Innocent people are being kidnapped off the streets of Europe and hustled to secret prisons.

    We are getting SYRIA to torture for us. But Syria is part of the "evil" nations, so it's very wierd, doncha think?...

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    The republicans have brought out the worst in some people. Real Americans don't like torture because true warriors respect each other and don't want it happening to them.

    What you see and hear is the third grader with a magnifying glass over an ant hill. The ignorant are having fun because one of them is the President.

    Hopefully there are more mature, honest, ethical, moral, caring real Americans than there are republicans.

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    No doubt there may be a few "innocent" people at Gitmo. What the US does or doesn't do to compensate them isn't high on my agenda. Let's remember that even their own countries don't want them back...even if innocent.

    My concern is to make sure that each and every one in adjudicated and if guilty; punished to the full extent of the powers of the military tribunal.

    I there are some found to be innocent...let them get a lawyer and get compensated the American way. Let them sue someone or the government.

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    I am not going to try to defend the indefensible (in legal terms at least) but there is a psychological point in that this is a battle (against terrorists) that we must win. If bending our standards in a limited and controlled fashion is good for our morale and gives our enemies pause for thought I hesitate to condemn it.

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    Execute them they were captured on the battlefield how innocent can they be?

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