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Dave asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

I have compaq ij600 printer with a new color and black cartridges?

The problem is that prints in color and the black just shows up blank. I have it set to black and white but no luck. I even dampened the cartridge. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    you might have to clean the cartrages. that is done by the printer, through the software, and it prints a test page. also, make sure that you took the little plastic cover off the nozzles of the cartrage that are on all new cartriges when they are removed from it's package.

  • 4 years ago

    in case you waited a at the same time as to place in sparkling inks, the previous print heads would have dried ink on them. do away with you rpaper, and cartridges. UNPLUG th eprinter. Take a damp paper towel or gentle cloth rag and attain into the ink section in the printer and gently blot, do no longer RUB the service and print head section to do away with build up and any dried inks. try this repeatedly till your paper towel or cloth is freed from ink coloration. you additionally can verify the ink cart. with the aid of touching the allotting floor to the damp cloth, you may see extremely coloration there too. don't be afraid to apply a small vacuum or duster can to scrub out any paper lint or dried ink from the interior your printer as properly.

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