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how to write a appeal letter for denied life insurance?

my mom passed away now the insurance company denied her life insurance policy over a form that was not filled out but we never knew about form was not told or mailed to us already went to lawyer he said i still need to write a appeal letter does anyone know how to do this???? help please

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    Hey Honey,,, sorry about your Mom,,, mine died several yrs ago and the paper work was a nightmare,,,,,,,

    Hmmm,,,,, You should tell that attorney to write you up one is what I would think !!!!! That is what he gets paid for....... the jerk... call his legal sec... and talk to her.. she should help you out....

    good luck

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    Mbrcatz is absolutely correct. I'll also add that your state will have an office that handles complaints like this from people who have managed care plans. (In Virginia, it's called the Ombudsman for Managed Care and it's part of the Bureau of Insurance.) They are not necessarily going to be able to help you with the appeal (though they should be able to give you some documentation about how the appeal process should work); nonetheless, documenting that you've spoken with this office is one good way to put pressure on the insurance company. They don't like to have the state investigating and they most particularly don't want to be booted out of the state as a result of too many complaints regarding the same issue. The fact is, some insurance companies reject these things as a matter of course, knowing that a lot of people simply don't have the stamina to fight the battle. Sadly, they're right. Don't be one of them.

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    I have to agree, get a new attorney. They should be handling all of your appeals. I am not an attorney so maybe someone on this board is and can help you pick the correct one who specializes in insurance law.

    I hope it all works out for you.

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    I don't know if you saw my answer under your other question, but here it is:


    I suggest you contact your state's insurance commissioner and file a written complaint. It will conduct an investigation for you, at no charge, to determine whether UnumProvident followed the law when it denied your claim. If it denied the claim illegally or contrary to the terms of the policy, they can force the insurer to pay the claim.

    I hope this helps. Please send me a message if you need more information.

    Source(s): 16 + years in the insurance industry; 9 + years insurance law experience
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    Has she been paying premiums on the life insurance? If so they cannot deny you the payment. Here is how it works:

    If she had a binding application, meaning they took money from her and provided her with coverage and she has continued to keep her premiums current then they are obligated by law to pay when she passes away.

    If she had a non-binding application, meaning no money was exchanged and she has not been making continous payments, then they are not obligated to pay.

    Source(s): I am a licensed agent in Arkansas.
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    I am sorry about your moms passing. I am a financial planner who does quite a bit of estate work, and I do quite a bit with insurance companies.

    If you need help, I am willing to help you free of cost. Email me and I will email you back my phone #, and I will do my best to get the insurance company to pony up the money.

    It sounds to me as if the insurance company is trying to screw you out of the money.

    Good luck.

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    Great point, I'd like to know more as well

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    go to insurance ombudsman's office.

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    Why does people wnat other people to do their job? If you do it the first time, then you'll be able to do it the sencod time!!

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