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Okay, boys, lets just completely honest here...?

Girls can give their imput, too, but I read today that men are shallow and women look for deeper things like personality and common interests when they date and all. Is this true? Because I'm starting to believe it is. I've seen many great girls that were average to pretty looking being dumped for mean and/or stupid girls that are knock-outs. So no judgment (I appreciate honestly shallow guys more than dishonest deep guys), is this true that nearly all men only look for looks and want a pretty thing on their arms? Or do we girls actually stand a chance without dying our hair or putting our boobs on display?


Yes, I realize many girls do the same thing, it just seems that more men do it than women or that women grow out of it quicker. Maybe not, I don't know.

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    I personaly think personality matters most. And thats the honest truth. I feel the same way about girls as well. Girls only want to go out with the cute guys and what not. Its very random that you see a pretty girl with an atttractive guy!

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    to be honest i prefer a girl who is smart, personality common interests. fun caring. so basically a girl who wood care for her man. i do the same for them. i cant stand a girl who just looks good cause in all reality all they will most likely be interested is money, shopping n themselves. well atleast most of them. i look for a girl who appreciates the little things in life, one who doesnt care for her looks. one who looks herself in the mirror n says i look beautiful just the way i am. not one who looks n says i need to get surgery or put make up n all that bull ****. so in other words yes thier is still a chance out their for the real natural girls.

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    I used to be like that when I was much younger. Guys usually grow out of it. Its the reason most european and asian women aarent as eager to date the younger hotties like american girls are. Oh yeah....the girls do the same thing.

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    God, be honest be honest. Both, if a man doesn't want anything serious, then the boobs and body will do. But when a man is struck by love, it doesn't matter how she looks, just hoe she makes him feel.

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